Hi it's me again with my monthly heart-to-heart session.  I am so happy that September is finally coming to an end and I can't wait for it to be over.  If you wonder why I dislike September that much, I guess it's more like a feeling, it's just bad and emotional and bad luck.  That being said, in fact I did spend most of my time in September trying something new and so far it's been great.   


As mentioned in my previous blogpost, I have been learning something new and that is SCUBA-DIVING.  I know, it's SO COOL.  I have wanted to get the licence for years but never had the courage.  Then somehow one day my instructor texted me to say "hey we are missing one more girl" and I said yeh, why now, so there I went.  It was random, quick and without much thoughts.  Everything was fine, theory class, skill practice at the pool, until gosh the actual sea date.  It was scary, to begin with (thanks to you all's diving stories).  The waves were high, the gear was heavy, I was seasick, etc.  It was just scary  But then, guess that's just the human natural survival instincts, somehow you just got over it.  It's great, the experience was just awesome.  Apologies for the blurry pictures because you know that's the Hong Kong waters, but still it still feels really really great. 

One tick off my before-25 bucket list! Now that I have completed OW course, I am considering to get my Advanced too (before hitting 26 what about that?)



Recently I have also picked up reading again.  I am currently reading The Pig That Wants to Be Eaten.  It has 100 short chapters which each discusses a philosophy and is meant to stimulate thoughts on moral, social, and personal dilemmas.  It takes examples from sources as diverse as Plato and Steven Spielberg, the author Julian Baggini then presents abstract philosophical issues in concrete terms, suggesting possible solutions while encouraging readers to draw their own conclusions.  I have to say it's not the easiest book but it does make me think.   

So there's one chapter that really makes me think.   It talks something about probability – long story short, a girl was in front of the roulette table and it had had 5 reds now, so just like most people, this girl thought the probability of another red is low so it must be a black this round.  Initially it does sounds sensible yet the truth is each round is a new round per se.  The probability for red and black is still 50:50 just like any other round.  And just like any other round of roulette, failing in your previous relationship does not make you a total failure and certainly does not mean that you will fail again in your next one.  I mean of course for the relationship example it's not exactly 50:50 and you still have to work for it, but at least it means that you shouldn't give up yet.  I was pretty inspired because for a long period of time I have been feeling quite worthless.  I almost felt like I am a burden to everyone around me and that I should stay isolated for the rest of my life for others' good.  And then I read this chapter and it blows my mind.  No – failing once or twice does not make me a failure, what makes one a failure is when he/she stops trying, because then the probability for succeeding will be 0.  We all are honestly stronger than we think we are. You’d be surprised by how much you can take.  Just embrace the process.

Lesson of the day.

Before I stop, my sister said this picture is quite cute so I just want to post it here.


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