Forgive me for not doing a post last week, because given the circumstances around Hong Kong, I just don’t think it’s the right thing to do. And as I said, I barely talk about politics because (1) I do not want to offend anyone and (2) I just don’t think I know enough to say what I should say. And the truth is, just like many other people, I don’t know what stand I should take.

And just like many other people, I ask “What is wrong with Hong Kong?” This is not the Hong Kong I have always loved and always known. News and information have been flying around every day, flooding us with updates of the situation. Some might be true and some you don’t know - it’s just a lot to take in. I remember how, before everything went down, me and my friends were talking about migration to somewhere else because Hong Kong aren’t safe anymore. It’s honestly quite sad to hear. For me it might not be Hong Kong I have always known, but it will be always be my home. I wish my Home could be fine again, I really do.

And by the way to everyone out there who fights for this Home we share together, you have all my respect. Now stay safe everyone. I march with pride. Nothing more and nothing less, but Justice.


So enough of Hong Kong, I realise it’s been some time since I last shared something about myself. Just some tiny updates that I will be completing my 2 years' training by the end of the month. I know right, where did that 2 years go? From a uni kid to now a trainee, and then in less than a month’s time I will become a lawyer for real this time. People have been asking me how I feel. I mean I don’t really know and honestly I don’t think it’s going to make a difference. But you know it’s still quite exciting. I also got myself a little present, something I have always wanted, so might share with you all later.

Days like that sometimes make me wonder if I am dreaming, because it’s simply too good to be true. See you all next week, muah x