This week DearPostman is going to talk about nothing but our HomeKong.  I am sure by now, even if you are politically apathetic, you would have read the news, or come across some incidents, in relation to the extradition bill or things that have been going on right now in this place we called "Home".  Yes just like you, I am extremely shocked and frustrated and heart-broken that I almost couldn’t believe that’s the place I have always known and loved.

Hong Kong has entered the dark era.  If there's any time ever one should stand up, this is it – it's our time to defend our Home. 

And while you do that, be sensible, and please never lose faith in the Rule of Law. 

However I am not going to talk further about politics here – partially because I do not want to offend anyone, and partially because I don’t think I know enough to talk about it.  Well I might not know politics but I do wanna remind me and you why we love this place in the first place.  With the growing concerns in relation to the HK political situation, a lot of people around me actually started to plan to leave this place and move somewhere.  And then every time I hear it, I always ask myself, is moving really the best way out?  Maybe it is for you, but for me, there's never gonna be a place like Hong Kong to me.  You might think I travel a lot, I am so westernised, but the truth is I never will want to leave this place no matter what. Might be due to my fear of walking out of my comfort zone.  But I mean isn't that the thing about Home – so comfortable that you can walk out with just your phone and your octopus cards and know exactly where you are?  That you know when you are sad you can just call up your best friend and meet in the corner café you guys always go to? 

You might not know but in fact my mum is an island kid.  That is why me and my sister spent a lot of our childhood in Tai O digging up clams in the mud and cycling in our flip-flops.  The Tai O Fishing Village on Lantau Island is famous for its traditional Chinese stilt-house over water and is considered as "Venice of the Orient".  As a matter of fact, it is one of the few remaining fishing village in Hong Kong.  Not only does it still lives the old Southern China fishing life, in recent years there are also hipster cafes and stores joining the community.  Not gonna lie, 60yo is actually considered as young in Tai O. 

Food wise, you will find dried fish, dried egg yolk, seafood, my favourite eggette, fishballs and every traditional street food you can think of.  Among all of them, I will highly recommend you to my best iced lemon tea at all times at 其記.  No joke because it is the best. 

Now that your tumtum is happy, you might want to take a walk to the pier.  Along the way you should also smell the distinctive shrimp paste and spot the Tai O Heritage Hotel. 

Tai O might be old, but it also reminds me how simple happiness can be.  No cars, no designer brand stores, no wifi, nothing too flashy or complicated.  The most complicated thing for them might be how much a crab costs that day.  In case you ever forget, happiness can actually be that simple and basic.  Now this is why I love Tai O, and I love my Home Kong.

If you haven’t been to Tai O, I will highly recommend you to make a day trip.  Let me know if it changes your mind, city boys.

Depending on your starting location and budget, you can start from Tung Chung, Ngong Ping or Mui Wo with different transports: see details here

See you next time for more FollowDearPostmanToHK.

Please stay safe HK #香港加油