I don't know about you all, but I absolutely love buying swimwear. Let's be real, there are only two types of girls in the world: (1) buys too many bikinis that the number ridiculously exceeds the actual number of chances she will wear one; or (2) only has that one black basic triangle parked at the corner of the closet.  And guess it doesn’t take me to tell you I am the former. That’s right, I probably own too many swimwear especially when (some of you know) I very rarely go to the beach, junk party, whatever.  Somehow I just feel that I got to a point where too much UV is bad for my skin (jokes) or my body is not summer-ready.

Anyways no matter if you are the former or the latter, I promise you will want to read about this – 2019 Swimwear Trends – to make your summer wardrobe complete!

PS. Choosing the most well-fitted swimwear can be quite tricky given that everyone's body type is different.  My advice is to get something that suits your body the most.
PPS. Don’t worry you won't be seeing me in swimwear in this post. Told you my body is in no way summer-ready.

01 Cut-out

Midriff cutouts, strategic ladder-style cutouts, oddly yet cleverly placed cutouts and open backs gave the tried and true one-piece a new edge.  The design hugs your body figure perfectly while only shows body parts you would prefer to show.

*Suitable for*: all body types and all sports

02 Knotted Tops

Sorry halters, we're turning our ties around and buying strictly tie-front swimsuits / bikini tops from now on.

*Suitable for*: medium boobies

03 Ruffles

Ruffles made a strong entrance back on the spring 2019 runway trends and quickly joined the ranks of some most anticipated summer 2019 swimwear trends. The ruffles ranged from tiered ruffles on high waisted bottoms to light, short and flirty ruffles that accentuated the bikini tops.

*Suitable for*: flat chested girls to create more dimension

04 One-Shoulder

In case you are not a fan of the cute ruffles, you may want to consider cutting your tan lines in half by opting for a one-shoulder swimsuit that's both on-trend and utilitarian.

*Suitable for*: all body types

05 Sleeved

Whether you're looking for more protection from harmful UV rays (like me) or you just want to try out a more sophisticated silhouette (also me), adding some sleeves will do just the trick.  Yes I am sold.

*Suitable for*: all body types and the most extreme sport

06 Belted

From office wear to daily purpose, 10 years ago who would / could have imagined that the use of belts would extend to beachwear?  I would have to say though this is my second favourite after sleeved swimwear.

*Suitable for*: rectangle body shape

07 High cut

Very tricky.  Continuing on the trend of high-waisted bottoms, high cuts give you the illusion of long legs and are especially flattering for petite girls.  Though high-cut are meant to be flattering on multiple figures, this level of comfort is really a matter of making a brave personal choice. If you want to show the maximum amount of leg possible, then the high-cut bikini bottom is for you.

*Suitable for*: more balanced body and (let's be real) for pictures

08 Animal Print

Surprise, surprise — animal print swimwear is still at the top of my list. But where leopard and snakeskin were once our only options, we're now seeing swimwear in new jungle-inspired patterns, from tiger stripe to zebra to cow print.

*Suitable for*: wild, sexy cats

09 Fun colours: Gingham, Rainbow

Along with the uprising support for the LGBTQ group (which also reflects in runways), rainbow colour has become an inevitable element to every aspect of fashion.  It doesn’t matter if you are not a supporter.  Who doesn’t like some happy rainbow colour or fun gingham patterns for the hot summer?  

*Suitable for*: all of you cuties

10 Monogram / Logo

From vintage Fendi logo to the Dior saddle bag, monogram is just going to stay in the trend for a while, and maybe on your bikini this time.  Views?

*Suitable for*: all body shapes

11 Fun fabrics

In this day and age, if you aren't talking about sustainability, you're out of touch.  It might not be good enough but brands are surely gearing up for a revolution for the environment. There have been many brands stepping out and making an impact, both big and small – doing sustainably good work within the industry without sacrificing style or quality.

*Suitable for*: me and you

As I have said trend is the trend.  You don’t have to follow it unless you feel comfortable in it.  Choosing the most flattering swimwear for yourself can be quite tricky given that everyone's body type is different.  What is important is to get something that suits your body and makes you feel confident and pretty.

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