01 Prettiest neighbourhood at Alfama

Alfama is one of the oldest districts in Lisbon. Leading up the steep hill from the Tejo Estuary to the Castelo de São Jorge, the district is all about the delightful maze of narrow cobbled streets and ancient houses. Walking around Alfama is like stepping into a small village within the city, where everything can turn into a postcard.

Important *Tip*: Better bring out your most comfortable shoes. I am sure you wouldn’t want to fall like I did (more than once).


02 Miradouro das portas do sol

For magnificent views over Alfama you can visit the Miradouro das portas da sol (outdoor observatory deck). You can walk up from Baixa or use the popular tram 28. From the high point you can admire the historical beauty of this place and the red roofs that date back to many centuries ago. Probably one of my favourite spots in Lisbon.


03 Elevador da Bica

Hands down number one instagram spot in Lisbon. Unlike normal elevator, this light tram is like a a bus, tram or taxi: just another way of move around the city.

*Tip*: Come at 7pm to enjoy the music and dancing around the area, grab a drink because, why not?

04 Time out Market

All the way down the slope, Time Out Market is a food market you will not want to miss. From seafood to parma ham to pasta noodles and ice cream, this place has everything your tummy wants. Unlike the usual food market where you will have to stand while you eat, this place has high benches in my middle area. Just perfect for big groups.


05 Heart of Lisbon - Baixa

The Baixa district is the heart of Lisbon and comprises of magnificent plazas, wide avenues and grand Pombaline architecture. The district is popular with tourists, as contained within Baixa are many of Lisbon’s major tourist attractions, along with a huge variety of restaurants and outstanding hotels.

*Tip*: Do not forget to walk all the way to the end where you will find the sea.


06 Belem

Beautiful, culturally resplendent and immensely significant in Portuguese history, Belém is one of the jewels in Lisbon's crown. Situated alongside the River Tagus, at the point where it meets the Atlantic, Belém is the place from which the caravels sailed on their voyage of discovery and in the 16th century life here revolved around the port.


07 Pasteis de Belém

I am sorry but this could be the most important tip in this entire post - NATA. I am not talking about any NATA, but NATA from Pasteis de Belém. Before you leave the Belém district, (please) make sure you make a visit at Pasteis de Belém. The line is so long you would not miss it. Plus you can probably smell Nata from far away so.

"And in order for you to understand how great it is, you have to try a few from other places lol.” - comment from a friend and she is right.


08 Reserve a day for Sintra

Literally every friend told me to go to Sintra when they knew I would be going to Lisbon. (i) Great for photos; (ii) Go early to beat the crowd; (iii) Wear something extra. They are right. I would give others the same advice, if anyone is going, so here you go. Expect long queues by the way.


09 What to eat for dinner - Seafood

As I said, Lisbon is famous for their seafood. My personal recommendation is Maria Catita - good food, reasonable price, wonderful vibe and hot waiters (though we all agree that Portuguese guys are in general quite good-looking). We went there twice for dinner in 4 days so I guess that makes a point.


10 Cafe!

I have to say I am very impressed by the quality of cafes in Lisbon. It was nothing I expected. I mean food is awesome, interior is great, people are super nice, and most importantly, coffee is good.


Dear Breakfast

Screenshot 2019-07-07 at 22.19.09.png

Landeau Chocolate Cake (which can get you addicted!)


11 Wear Yellow

Simple - wear yellow or all the vibrant colours you never dare to wear normally. Lisbon Lookbook coming up next week!


Lisbon Lookbook coming up next week!
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