I know, I am one week late, again.

First, work has been super busy (which I secretly enjoy).  Second, Heart-to-Heart is never an easy topic, especially when it comes to putting my true feelings into words.  And being open about my half-way-through-24-year-old so far, is just even more difficult.  Every time I have the idea how to write this, the moment when I sit in front of the computer, I will be in an entirely different emotional state, where things just don’t feel right.

Not gonna lie, my 24-year-old is pretty much it.  Ups and downs, just like an emotional trainwreck.  Some days may be better, while some days you may find yourself back in square one. lost.  24-year-old is not like anything I imagined or thought about.  Everything that I thought was stable, or that I thought I had been handling really well, was overturned.  Work, relationships, my proud beliefs, were all proven wrong.  And then I would find myself in square one, confused, and not knowing how I would be able to start again.

Having said the above, there’s one thing that has not changed - family and friends.  They are literally the reason why I'm still here, why I have this (slightly ridiculous) 24.5 birthday party.  You may think this is just extra and unnecessary, but they just let me.  They brought out a cake, they put on the dress code, they remind me that I am not extra nor am I ridiculous and never have been.  They remind me constantly that good things are waiting for me in front of me, that I may be under the rain at the moment, but I will definitely make it through.  I mean, you have no idea how much you all mean to me.  I am just really, really grateful.  So grateful that I don’t know what I have done in my life to deserve all these.  Possibly because I let you copy my maths homework?

Thank you.


I mean, you only turn 24 point 5 once, so you go girl.  Let’s do it.

Last but not least, congrats to Taiwan for becoming the first Asia city to legalise same-sex marriage, for proving that love is love.  It’s never easy, but you guys have made it happen.