DP Trend Report - SS2019 for the first post of May, here we go!

Recommendations from Zara to designer brands, put them all into your basket now, what are you waiting for?

01 Satin

Needless to say satin is the texture of the season.  Shiny and light, delicate and sexy, everything a woman is asking for.  From midi skirts to blouses and dresses, pick your own.


02 Animal Print

Carried over from the last season, animal print continues to be one of the key trend of the season.  If you already got geared up last season, great.  If you haven’t, it’s not too late too.


03 Tie Dye

If you think tie dye is a 80’s thing, then clearly it’s having a big come back this year.  Credits to Maria Grazia from Dior!


04 Down to Earth

As much as I tell you I love white, this year’s trend is a little off.  Stay down to earth, I would say.


05 Pleated Everything

Wow wow, don’t tell me you don’t have any pleated skirts, because this is gonna be everywhere in the coming season or maybe the next one too.


06 Utility / Bold Military

I would say this year’s fashion trend is like two-ends-of-a-stick.  Either you go super sexy, soft texture on one side; or you go heavy, bold military style on the other side, credits to Maria Grazia from Dior again.  From utility boilersuit to chunky boots, go BOLD.


07 Bakeboy hat

I mean, do I have to say anything?

08 Belt it up

This one has to go to Gucci - from signature big logo belts to belt bags - just belt everything up.

09 Strappy sandals

If you have never had pedicure, may be it’s time because the season is all about open-toe strappy sandals.  You better be ready.

10 Canvas / straw / wicker

Have wicker bags ever got out of season during summer?  I would highly recommend you get a good one, not only for this summer, but for the next one, and the next next one.

11 Pearl Clips

This year’s trend shows a lot of emphasis on the hair - from extravagant hats to never-too-many pearl clips. If you’d like to be extra, it’s the time.


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