Hi everyone – second blog post of April.  As I have said in the previous blogpost, shortly after I moved back to Hong Kong, I then went on another one-week short trip to Sydney with my 2 bffs.  That explains why I was out of the blogging game for the past 2 weeks (?)  But, anyways here I am again, back with a clear head space, way-too-many contents / life updates to share with you all lovelies.

Having said that, why not start with something drooling – Part 2 of the Sydney Café Hunt (Part 1 link here)

Yes I have been to Sydney many times and you might be wondering why and how I never get fed up with the place.  Save to say, it's probably the food – awesome brunch spots / cafes all over the city that, I guarantee, will keep you full all day.  Without further ado, another 5 awesome brunch spots / cafes here we go! 

(By the way, bear in mind that most cafés close at 3pm so if you are late waker, make sure you check the opening hours before you go.) 

01 Celcius Coffee Co (Kirribilli)

Hands down, the number one café I have always always always wanted to go credits to the gram photos.  Food right next to the infinity sea view?  Checked.  Yummy food?  Checked.  Good coffee?  Oh yeah.  I have to admit I was merely going for the view and didn’t have much expectation for the food.  The interior of the café itself is okay (not as pretty as in the photos), but the food.  Surprising enough, we all agree that it has the tastiest food out of the 5 in this list.  A must-go.

*Tip* Go early on a weekday for the best gram background at the side table

Address: Shop 1/2 Holbrook Avenue, Kirribilli Commuter Terminal Wharf, Australia

Photo credit: Instagram@celciuscoffeeco

Photo credit: Instagram@celciuscoffeeco


02 The Grounds of Alexandria (Alexandria)

You probably don’t need me to explain about this place because somehow it's always on your Instagram feed. It's almost a statement that the Grounds is "the" most-instagrammable venue in Sydney with special themes / decorations at different times of the year and it's true.  Every corner of the Grounds is worth a photo itself.  Food wise though – don’t go with an empty stomach.

*Tip* Check their Instagram to see if they are doing something special for the theme!  Last year they have fake snow going down from the sky during Christmas. 

Address: 7a/2 Huntley St, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia


03 Kusuka Café (CBD)

Ah this is a different one – this is not the typical raw slash green slash hipster kind of café you will expect in Sydney.  It's more like the Korean style ones, with fancy pink wall photos, neon LED lights and rose-gold décor.  It serves Indonesian food, indo-mie if that's what you like, and fancy coffee.  It's more a you-love-it or you-don’t with respect to the food. 

Address: Unit 12/339 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia


04 5th Earl Roseberry (Roseberry)

One thing I have learnt from my café-hopping experience is that there are 2 things almost every Sydney café has and usually taste really good.  Fries and Pancakes / French toast.  I also only realise now that I go through my pictures, yup, that's what we ordered every day in different cafes.  And this café, my god, fries and French toast are simply heavenly.  As for the vibe, an easy first among the 5. 

Address: 34 Morley Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018, Australia


05 The Boathouse Shelly Beach (Manly)

Apparently this is the most popular café slash bar in Manly, locating all the way down the walking patio.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to try the main course because we went there late but their desserts are still pretty good.  A good variety of drinks from cocktails to coffee, perfect for families and friends.  A pinch of Greek or Santorini vibe in the choice of the interior.  I love it, really enjoyable where you can just sit and chill out with your coconut water while the light breeze comes in. 

Address: 1 Marine Parade, Manly NSW 2095, Australia

Photo credit: Instagram@theboathousegroup_

Photo credit: Instagram@theboathousegroup_


06 The Fine Food Stone (The Rocks)

If you are looking for the classic, green, organic Aussie brunch, here’s where you go. Kendall Lane is the oldest alleyway in the Rocks, and it’s home to one of the historic suburb’s favourite cafes. The Fine Food Store sources its own beans then roasts all its coffee in-house, experimenting with a rotating menu of single-origin brews. You can also look forward to a fresh breakfast, brunch and lunch menu plus a selection of wine and beer, all within a quintessentially Sydney laneway setting.

Address: The Rocks Centre, Cnr Mill Lane & Kendall Lane, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia


Before I end, thanks to the week's break in Sydney (also friends who talked through this with me), I have finally had a chance to think through things, in particular how I want to move forward with DearPostman.com.  As you might already know, there's been some big changes to me and this place and I have to admit I was a little lost as to what and how I want to do it.  But I think I have finally sorted it out now.  So if you have noted some changes in the tone or the way this is managed, that is the situation here. 

Anyhow, what's not going to change is that I know I really enjoy writing and I will continue to share the sugar, spice and everything nice with you all here. 

So stay tuned, my lovelies. 

Sydney Cafés Part 1 link here.

Love ya all|