Hello girlfriends, if you have missed out the February Valentine's Day, here's another day for you to show off your love.  Yes, it's the White Day.  To be fair I never celebrate White Days.  But I mean if there's a reason to wear white, why not?

Or if you are single, wear white.  Because no girl can go wrong with the pure, clean white.  Today might be the day for you.

01 The Little Bakegirl

Who said suspenders are exclusive to boys?  Because I don’t think so.  Go a little further by styling the suspenders with a loose chunky cardigan to show a little bit of skin and complete the whole look with your favourite pair of pointy heels.  Ah, and don’t forget about the bakeboy cap as well, girl.


02 The Cheeky One

Another item you can steal from your boyfriend's wardrobe – a blazer.  I tell you a secret – boys like to see their own items on a girl (wink*)  Tie your hair up just like me to add a little bit of cuteness to the overall look too.

*Tip* Make sure the blazer is not too oversized or wide, otherwise, it will just kill the mood.


03 My Lady

Though I have to admit most of the time I prefer the boyish look, every now and then I will all of a sudden dress in the most feminine way.  It does sound like I never have been a girl.  You know me, I just am not the girly-girly type.  But I guess the White Day is a good reason / time to be different.


Someone was asking me the other day what couples should do or go for dating.  Then I said, dating is not about where you go and what you do, it's about how you are with.  With the right one, simply having dinner together is a date, a very sweet date.

By the way…

If you haven’t sorted out your bouquet yet, M FLORIST is where you should go NOW! More detailed review coming up next week.

Stay sweet, lovelies