I have to say this blogpost might not be the most glamorous post ever – because we are going to talk about airport fashion.  It’s all about being comfortable, while you are stuck with strangers in a sealed capsule for hours.  I mean, 13 hours straight or more, for long hauls.  We all know.

However, while being comfortable is important, it’s also very important to look chic.  I don’t know about you – but don’t you feel like an A-star celebrity the moment you stroll out the airport departure gate?  I am sure you know what I mean – the literal all-eyes-on-you situation. Yes you might be in your messy oily hair and glasses.  And yes you are probably wearing your pj.  And then when your parents insist taking a photo of you – I mean I always regret for not dressing a little better, or maybe I should have at least combed my hair(?) 

To avoid any more embarrassing moments and ugly pictures in the future, here’s my 3 Airport Fashion looks (6 items or combos) for Winter Destinations!

PS. For your information, I am actually writing at Heathrow Terminal 3, waiting for my plane back home!

01. High Bun + Sunglasses

This one is simple.  High bun for messy oily hair and sunglasses to cover the dark eye circles.  No make-up and tired eyes? – No problem.


02. Satin Midi Skirt

If you fancy something a little more chic and feminine, go for a satin midi skirt.  Satin skirt is definitely having a big come back at the moment.  All black, leopard, green, the key is having something soft and shiny.

Tip: Girls, for the length, I will almost only go for midi.  First, you don’t want to flash while you sleep on the plane.  Second, you never know who’s sitting next to you.


03. Full Denim

I am a denim girl.  Whenever I can wear denim I would.  Plus one can never go wrong with a full denim look. (Ehm, and I can never say no to some fries, even at the airport!)

Tip: One thing I would always avoid is a white shirt.  Not only does it crease ridiculously, it turns grey very easily too.  So always remember, t-shirt over shirt. 


04. Slides / Boots

I don’t know about you but my legs swell a lot during the journey on the plane.  They can go so ridiculously big that they no longer fit into my shoes. Therefore I always wear something looser and bigger than normal so that I won’t have to walk out the airport in bare feet!

And boots – just in case suitcases are wheeled over my feet.


05. Thin top + Big jacket

One thing I have learned over the years is that always wear one thin top and hand carry another thick jacket.  This way you will not have to carry layers of clothes while hanging around in the fully-heated indoor terminal but you can still stay warm walking out of the airport to the cold.


06. Cross-body Bag

Yes I overpack all the time.  My hand carry luggage is just awful.  A cross-body bag, therefore, comes in very handy so that I can locate my passport and boarding pass very efficiently.


I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my favourite travel wallet.  It is just SO GOOD.  Everything has its own space, in a specific size and shape, all labelled, all good.  Now that I have this, I don’t have to worry about losing my phone sim card or the iPhone paperclip thingy anymore. 

Travel Wallet: Anorak

PPS. Another reason why I think dressing well on a plane is important is because according to real statistics, 1 in every 50 travelers has met the love of their life on a plane.  I am sure you do not want to leave him with an impression of oily hair and hellokitty PJ.

The same for Summer Destinations coming up soon. Now, safe flight and good luck (wink)!