Alright, I know, I know it's already February, almost 2 months from Christmas.  However please bear with me that a lot was going on and only until fairly recently do I have the time to organise the photos from the trips.  Plus it's Christmas in London, I mean who doesn’t like a proper, cold Christmas in the most Christmasy city (apart from Finland maybe?) on earth?

As I have said earlier, though it's my sixth year in London, I have in fact never properly spent Christmas here.  Normally I would fly straight home around early December and only come back in January.  But this time I decided to make a change – to have my family fly over to spend this time of the year together on the other side of the world instead.  After all I couldnt be happier that I insisted that because, honestly, there's nowhere like Christmas in London.  If you had been around during this time of the year, you would know what I mean.  The whole London is lit.  Lights are on, shops are on sale, everyone just looks really happy.  Plus what makes this Christmas even more unforgettable is finally having the chance to bring my family to places I have only described in words but never really brought them there.

Since it's a family trip and we wanted nothing too intense, we were basically just chilling, shopping and touring around.  And in case you don’t know, Christmas Day in London is a big thing.  Unlike Hong Kong, everything including transports is closed on Christmas Day.  So rather than going out, people gather around the Christmas firs next to the fireplace at home, put on some Hallmark movies, unwrap presents, and have turkey and minced pies for dinner, literally like the family in any other posh English movies.  And that's what we did – spent Christmas the Brits way!

01 Premier League Football Match at Arsenal Stadium

I guess, watching live Premier League Football Match at Arsenal Stadium is like a dream for every boy, regardless their age.  And actually standing up and cheering 3 - 1 is simply another level. I will never forget how happy my Dad was when he first visited the Arsenal stadium almost 7 years ago.  He's like a kid exploring and collecting pictures with all the photos of the football players.  Since then I made a promise to myself that one day I will have to bring you to a real live match.  And here we go, at my 24 – with tickets Dad thought were my company clients' free tickets.

Karen Millen Luxury Lamb Leather Gilet (Grey)  / Giordano Ladies black knit / Espirit black leggings /  Stuart Weitzman the Lowland Boot (black suede)  /  STAUD bissett bag brown faux croc  / Fur earrings from Taobao

Karen Millen Luxury Lamb Leather Gilet (Grey) / Giordano Ladies black knit / Espirit black leggings / Stuart Weitzman the Lowland Boot (black suede) / STAUD bissett bag brown faux croc / Fur earrings from Taobao


02 Christmas Shopping

And then of course we went shopping.  Christmas won't be complete without some Christmas shopping.  Nope – that is not an excuse for shopping.


03 Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is another place I have always wanted to bring my parents to.  It’s the kinda place that you'll have to go feel the vibe yourself.  I don't know about you but I personally think spending Christmas in London can never be complete without visiting Winter Wonderland.  Oh yeh, curly fries, cinnamon churros and devil hot chocolate – make sure you indulge more than enough before you leave!

PS. It really annoyed me when my sis kept repeating about calories next to me.


04 It's Christmas Day!

For us some very traditional Asian family, we never really celebrate Christmas in Hong Kong.  So when we do it, we make sure we do it the most Brits way – Turkey, minced pie, Christmas crackers party paper hats!  And of course, with Hallmark movies in the background.


I know I am being repetitive here but this trip is not any other trip in the past.  It makes me feel like an adult finally, especially after things that happened in 2018.  To be seconded to a foreign office of my dream and bring my family around is like a milestone achievement unlocked.  Nothing could be more heart-warming than making their dreams come true and seeing that smile on their faces. 

Now let’s unwrap the presents!


Thanks London, for making this the perfect ending of 2018.

Love x