It's February.  4 more days until the day of the year – the Valentine's Day.  If you are looking for Relationship Advice, now is the time for you to swipe away because I am probably the worst person for it and I am sure Google has some way better advice than I do.  But if you are looking for something to wear on the day, I do have some small tips for you all from a boy's perspective (according to my guy friends). 

I am sure you will have realised by now boys have a very different taste for fashion from girls.  Unless they work in the fashion industry (I heard that architects fall within this exception too), there are trends / fashion styles that they just don’t understand at all.  Boys are simple visual animals, they either like it or they don’t.  They don't care if that’s nude or beige or tan or sand or champagne whatever you name it, all they see is "the granny panties colour". 

So girls, know your opponent.  No matter if you are crazily in love, or in a stable relationship, or you are there to impress, here's 12 fashion trends to avoid on the Valentine's Day!  

01 Padded suits / Pant suits

I know I have been telling you how pant suits are my everyday go-to but I guess Valentine's Day is the day when they remain in the closet.  For men, suits represent power, masculine, pride, and belong exclusively to the office.  When it comes to a daily look, not everyone appreciates the menswear-inspired trend, and certainly not when you look overpowering to them.  

02 MOM jeans

"Straight cut = No cutting.  There's a reason why they are called MOM jeans, moms wear them, not girlfriends." 

03 Flared / Boot cut pants

Another fashion item that appears all over my blog.  I know.  They don’t care if they make your bum look bigger or your legs longer, because all they can think of is the 70s.  "It's not the 70s," they say. 

04 Midi skirts / Culottes

Coming to the fourth item on the list, you should have realised by now it all comes down to the cutting.  Show the waistline and keep everything simple and tight – that's the overarching background theme.  Unless you have skinny straight calves, I am afraid midi skirts / culottes cut right at that swollen muscular part of your legs, which is not the most attractive thing ever. 

05 Polka dot / Floral / Vintage

According to statistics, boys look at things in the overall while girls look for details.  Plus most of them are in fact Trypophobia.  Next time while you think polka dots or floral prints is the most feminine girly element, ask the guys around you.  I am sure they can't even tell what pattern that is.  As for "vintage"?  That’s just another word for "old". 

06 Pyjamas shirt / bottom

Unless you are waking up to get milk and breakfast, the pyjamas trend stays in the bedroom, not the street. 

07 Sport leggings

Alright, there's an exception for this genre – Bella Hadid, Romee Strijd, oh yeh Elsa Hosk .  Otherwise, you don’t need me to tell you how camel toe or VPL turn one off.  

08 Bralettes

They are not bulletproof vest.  All lingerie goes underneath your shirt, not above. 

09 High-waisted bikini bottom / High-waisted everything

You know me I love high-waisted everything because I think they make my legs look longer.  However I do agree that they might not be the most flattering thing especially when all other girls are wearing hot red cheeky bikini bottoms next to you. 

10 Mini handbags

According to most of my guy friends, mini handbag is the one item that flips their universe upside down.  Why would girls bring a bag if it doesn’t even fit your phone?  How does that thing qualify as a B-A-G if you have to carry everything in your hand?  Right, in some general level, I do think these are indeed very good questions, but before we come to a conclusion, do you mind keeping my phone in your pocket please?  

11 Wedges / Platform pumps

This is a sceptical one.  Heels height for boys is like the level of happiness against the amount of alcohol consumed.  The higher the heels, the sexier boys are going to find you, until it hits that peak height where anything beyond that peak crashes.  I am sure no one enjoys those powerful platforms that literally would kill all livings on the ground.  Keep them low, just for this special day? 

12 Heavy / winged eyeliner

Concerning face make up, 9 out of 10 boys will probably tell you they prefer you with no make up.  But the reality is 8 out of those 9 boys have no idea what bare face actually means.  Unless you are born with the perfect face, what boys in fact are referring to is clean, natural make up.  So if you are there to impress, tone the Naked Palette down, and switch to a natural fresh complexion.  Definitely not the extra black winged eyeliner, which they will very likely misunderstand as Halloween. 

Coming to the end of this post, to be honest girl, there's no better advice than just be yourself.  Because all that matters is whether you feel confident and comfortable in front of this guy, who ideally would spend the rest of his life with you.  Of course you will want to impress him with something he likes on a special day or two, but nothing impresses more than a true genuine open soul.   

Alright girls?  If you love blue eyeshadow, go for it.  High-waisted the best?  You do you.  Women shouldn't dress for men, they dress for themselves. 


May all the love be with you all lovebirds in the world.

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Love x