Chanel is Chanel; it's not Saint Laurent, it's not Hermes; it's Chanel.

You buy a handbag from Chanel, not because of the design, or the leather or the practicality, but simply because it's a Chanel and nothing else.

I am not saying Chanel plays any magic.  Neither am I a Chanel super fan girl.  But there's just something – something about that monochrome quilted COCO vibe that makes me and every other girl head over heels for one of their handbags.  I mean, YES – purchasing a Chanel handbag is a milestone thing – it's like you have achieved some kind of goals.  It’s like one of the jigsaw pieces you need to make your dream wardrobe complete.

To start with, a Chanel handbag is definitely not a cheap handbag among all the designers brands.  In fact it's one of the most expensive handbag brands, with a price rise almost every season.  Getting a classic Chanel handbag might not be as difficult as getting an Hermes (we all know their tricks); but the longer you wait, the more you have to pay for the same thing.  So if you like it and see one, get it.

I mean, Chanel – you don't pay that money for nothing.  It might not be a collection piece like the Delvaux Brillant or LadyDior – that already looks awesome by sitting at the corner of the room.  Yet it's a bag you can and you will wear almost every day without going out of fashion. 

If I can only pick one handbag from Chanel, I am sure I will go for their Boy Collection.  Compared to the classic flap, Boy bags are more practical and casual-looking.  The calfskin is super durable and does not get flat or wear out easily.  It's also very easy to style – it goes with casual jeans, formal suits, ball gowns or even sportswear.  Size-wise, it easily fits my long wallet, a cardholder, a phone battery, make up compact, 2 lipsticks and an iPhone X – that's right, without looking bulky at all.  It is everything you can ask for.

Without further ado, here we go the first fashion post of 2019 – Styling Chanel Boy!

Handbag Details (Buy!)
Model: Boy Chanel (25cm), Calfskin, Ruthenium-Finish
Year bought: 2016
Price: £3,300 (Around HKD34,000)

01 Smart Casual

Clients Meeting on a Saturday certainly is not the smartest thing on earth but a nice jacket and a Chanel handbag can be.

02 Weekend Coffee Calling

A yawn is a silent scream for a coffee.  Who doesn’t need that sip of flat white on a lazy Saturday, while counting fingers with your girlfriend about the Yays or Nays for the latest Chanel bag that came out this morning? I mean yay and yay – yay for the coffee and also for the Chanel handbag.

White shirt from Korea /  ProjectNo8 checkered wrap skirt  / Giordano Ladies scarf / Giordano Ladies leather slides /  LACKOFCOLOR dunes cap

White shirt from Korea / ProjectNo8 checkered wrap skirt / Giordano Ladies scarf / Giordano Ladies leather slides / LACKOFCOLOR dunes cap

03 It's something important tonight.

"It's something important tonight."  That could be your best girlfriend's birthday party, or a dinner date with your crush, or maybe it's your first night out after the worst break up.  No matter which one it is, it's something important.  Grab your blazer and your BOY, go home or go BIG tonight, babe.


I guess the love for Chanel runs in the gene.  My mum is a big big fan for Chanel.  Her first handbag is a Chanel classic.  Her vintage collection includes the Gold Lion Head Medallion jewellery (it's pretty insane if you know what I mean).  Deeply influenced by her, I was kindly gifted my first Boy Chanel in 2016 as my graduation gift by my family.  All I was thinking back then is that I want to get something that will certainly last forever.  I know Chanel will because it's in fact one of the first brands I have ever heard of and I have always wanted a handbag from them.  I never regret getting that.  It's certainly one of the handbags I will forever remember.

 Always remember

 A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. – COCO CHANEL

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