Not gonna ramble here and let's get straight to the point.  As promised, following from my previous post (Top 5 Clothing & Shoes), here's my lists for my Top 5 handbags and accessories of 2018!

Again, in no particular sequence.


DearPostman Top 5 of 2018: Handbag

DELVAUX Brillant Mini (Buy!)

Needless to say how much I love love love this piece because I have already done an entire tribute post about it.  I would say this bag is on the pricey side and more like a collection piece than a first purchase.

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CÉLINE Classic in Box (Buy!)

This bag by old CÉLINE is literally what it's called – Classic.  This bag is super elegant, super classy, very sophisticated.  Yeh it might look like a very lowkey square bag without an obvious logo, but it's the simplicity that makes it stand out.  I am also very lucky to have got it with the old logo – because that's what the whole spirit is about – the Phoebe Philo effortless feminism.

Definitely recommend it if you are looking for a first-buy, for me, it's a bag every girl needs.  The other concern will be the size though – Mini is super elegant but very impracticable while the Medium is still classy but so so much more practical.  Your call.  Also bear in mind the box leather scratches very easily.

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STAUD Bissett brown faux croc (Buy!)

When I say almost every time I wear the C/MEO dress I get compliments, then literally every time I wear this bag, someone will come and ask me where I get it.  I am not kidding.  People are as keen as getting their phones out in front of me and asking me to type in the brand name for them.  Even strangers, SAs, they would follow me to ask me where I got it (this really happened to me last Summer when I ran away because I thought she thought I am the salesperson).

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GIVENCHY Bambi printed antigona shopping bag (Buy!)

I think only a few people know that but indeed this bag is the first designer bag I bought myself with my own money.  You might wonder why I bought a cartoon shopper bag as my first purchase – which admittedly is not my usual style – but that's because Bambi has been my favourite cartoon at all times.   Also this bag is super light, it does not scratch easily, super practical.

CÉLINE Twisted Cabas

I've tried to resist from filling my top 5 with CÉLINE, but that's right, another old CÉLINE bag from the Phoebe Philo era (however already discontinued in 2017).  Initially I was struggling between the Clasp bag or the Twisted Cabas – I mean both of them are very different styles – and then I realise I love this more for its colours, practicability and the effortless vibe.  It's not the usual type of bag in my collection but definitely one of my favourites.

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DearPostman Top 5 of 2018: Accessories

HERMÈS twilly (Buy!)

Interesting enough I have always adored vintage scarf pattern since I was young, but I didn’t realise until now how a simple thin scarf can make so much magic.  They might be small but they can be styled in many ways, certainly more than you could ever imagine.  They can wrap around your neck, your hair, your wrist, your waist, and also your bags.  They can be tied in a bow, in a knot, or even just hanging there could make you look extra dressed up.

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GUCCI leather belt (Buy!)

I have to be honest with you that this belt is more like a fashion item than an essential piece.  Yeh they look nice, but they are very pricey to their value.  If you love Gucci and want some signature piece, go for it.  But if you are just looking for some nice leather belts, I am sure there are a lot of other ones that do the same job.  The alternative though is to buy a smaller 2cm one which I believe will be more worth it.

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GENTLE MONSTER last bow (Buy!)

To say the least sunglasses are the items that instantly give you an attitude.  While this favourite cat-eye pair with reflective lenses simply adds another layer of edginess to you.  I also have to mention that they are kindly gifted by my friends for my birthday and I have been madly in love ever since.

LACKOFCOLOR dunes cap (Buy!)

If there is one item you should get for 2019, it will be a bakerboy hat I guarantee you.  As soon as I want a hat, I head straight to the LACKOFCOLOR website because they do the best hats (within sensible price range) in the world.  They also do different sizes, perfect for people with small heads like me

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CAMILA CARRIL Aurelia Bee Pearl Earring (Buy!)

No doubt they are my most complimented earrings for the year.  I love them so much that I would buy every piece from the entire collection because every single one is insanely delicate.  The craftsmanship (I am not exaggerating) is so fine that it would beat many famous big brands.  And then you look at the price, I mean how can I not bring the whole collection home (and ideally all onto my ears)?

Finally, hatsoff to whoever finishes reading my 2 Top 5 posts.  I do have to say there are way more items I would like to share with you guys.  Anyone interested in other Top 5?

Currently I am also considering my 2019 to-gets and ehm-hm.  Let me know what you think of my lists and don’t forget to share with me in the comment box below your best & worst purchase of the year, any new shoes or bags you are eyeing, etc! 

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Stay pretty x