I have to be honest with you all, this post has taken me way longer than I thought it would.  The simple explanation to this is that I FREAKIN LOVE EVERY PURCHASE (or at least save to say that I love most of them).  I am never an impulse shopper, I wouldn’t have taken my cards out in the first place unless I really want them.  I might be very quick with my decisions, within less than 10 minutes(?!), but those items would be things that have been sitting on my list for so so long and I always want them.

If you follow me on my Instagram (@by.chloechw), before I came up with my lists, I have also asked you guys some questions about your lists / purchases of 2018!  And oh my god, you guys are the worst devils.  Literally while I was reading the comments, I was either "I need this too!" or "go ahead babe!".  Seriously you guys' recommendations got me super excited last Saturday.  And oh also thanks for the recommendations for the eyeshadows.  I am never good at make up.  I can do my hair.  I know how to dress up.  But my make up skills are just terrible, especially with eyeshadow, which is also why I never wear eyeshadow.  So I am going to try out all your recommendations.

Anyways, without further ado, here's my DearPostman Top 5 of 2018 for Clothing and Shoes (Bags and Accessories coming up next in the next post)!  I am sorry if this post is too long but I really can't cut it down anymore.  And also because I did not do one last year, the following lists might include purchases from late 2017. 


From daily practical basic to first hands-on to collection pieces, I hope you all find some inspirations / insights in them!
(FYI, they are not in any particular sequence.)

DearPostman Top 5 of 2018: Clothing

RACIL suits (Buy!)

If you know me, you would have known how much I love suits.  Suits are certainly having the moment right now.  Not only do suits effortlessly make one look put together right away, they are also very easy to style.  You don't even need to think because with just a white t-shirt and some white sneakers, you are good to go.  And while I talk about suits, how can I not mention my best suits from Racil, which I call the game-changer?

(How I style)

SELF-PORTRAIT one-shoulder ruffled duchess-satin top (Buy!)

2018 has been a year for over-the-top Head & Shoulder.  Extra big hats, extravagant shoulder pads, asymmetric necklines, basically all spotlights on the top part of your body.  I know this kind of cutting from Self-Portrait has been flowing around for a while and even I wonder how I never got my hands on until 2018. 

(How I style)

Oversized shirt from Japan

I love white shirts.  Among over 30 white shirts in my wardrobe, this classic boyfriend cut never ceases to impress me.  Let me tell you my trick – slightly pull it backwards to show your collarbone.  Who doesn’t like that lowkey sexiness?

(How I style)

STUDIODOE boyfriend jeans (Buy!)

You know this.  You already know I am going to mention this item because, girl, they were over my Instagram throughout 2018.  As you all know I have big thighs and I struggled for years to look for the best jeans just so I can make my legs look thinner.  Trust me I have gone through all the big, famous brands until I found this pair from Studiodoe from Taiwan (super affordable too!) and I almost did not look for jeans anywhere else anymore.

(How I style)

C/MEO COLLECTIVE Harmonious midi dress (Buy!)

Almost every time I wear this, I would receive compliments.  The fabric hugs around my body like a piece of skin but at the same time keeps everything in shape.  I admit it does make me rethink that maybe I could handle dresses too.

(How I style)

DearPostman Top 5 of 2018: Shoes

DIOR slingbacks (Buy!)

While bags could be a tie, shoes are not.  They are in fact the first first FIRST pair of shoes that pops up in my mind.  Slingbacks with an "s" because I love them so much that I got them in different colours.  Every time Dior comes out with a new colour, I want them.  This really isn't my usual practice – to get the same thing in different colours – but I am certainly happy to break this rule with the Dior slingbacks. 

I love them, my mum loves them, and my god my dad loves them and that really means something.  From formal suits to casual jeans to skirts, they immediately make you look like you dress up when all you do is choosing the right heels.

(How I style)

GUCCI loafers (Buy!)

Right after my Dior slingbacks, it has to be my Gucci loafers.  Another pair of shoes that I have worn to death.  And in fact I constantly compare the two and consider which pair I love more. 

Very often the reactions I receive for the Dior slingbacks will be a "confident nod" kinda verification; but for these loafers from Gucci, it's a big wow.  They are the very loud, attention-seeking kind of shoes whenever you wear them.  Also, they are the most expensive shoes I own at the moment, but totally worth it.

(How I style)


Let's welcome the new babe to the family.  You may be surprised but in fact it's very difficult to source a pair of nice white heels.  Definitely not a patent colour while leather could easily look like plastic.  But this pair is just awesome – nice leather texture, pointed front, square topline, slingback, block heels – all the "Chloe" elements combined into one.

Welcome, babe.

COMMON PROJECT white sneakers (Buy!)

I don’t think anyone could deny the fact that Common Projects sneakers are the Base 1 for all white sneakers collectors.  Save to say another pair I have worn to death – almost every time when I could wear sneakers that's the pair without any second thoughts.  They are the pair I will keep repurchasing (the same one) after the previous pair wears out.

(How I style)

PENNYBLACK varnish and horsehide moccasins (Buy!)

For me you don’t need tens or hundreds of shoes to make people think you are fashionable.  At the end of the day you only need that one nice pair to impress.  And when I say one pair, these could be the one.

(How I style)

If you have read up to this point, highfive girl for now we have officially become friends.  Don't forget to let me know if any of them is also on your lists.  Or if you have any other recommendations, leave me a comment below!  I am sorry I will have to break this down into 2 posts because it's getting way too long.  Remember to come back next week for my other Top 5 – Bags and Accessories!

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Love x