New Year New Me! It might sounds all very cliché but how's everyone doing?  As I have said, 2018 has now passed, together with the tears and all the negativity.  Here we are powerful and strong, so let's welcome 2019 with some better us.

From cocktail hours to NYE, let's not let the fun times end!  For the past few seasons, glittery / gold might have been considered as outdated, old, tacky, whatever.  However, this year, all-out sequin items have definitely come back loud.  Who said glitters and sparkles are exclusive to NYE?  No way!  Be as glittery and shiny as you want anytime anywhere and outshine that city lights at London Eye, Big Apple or Sydney Harbour Bridge (depending where you are).  2019, go home or go GLAM!

1 . Wait Till I Turn Around

Party Rule 01: You can never go wrong with sequins.  Nothing shines and sparkles like sequins – just wait for that spotlight to hit.  I mean, now it's hard to stay low key in the dance floor.  Make people's eyes focus on your face by keeping your lower body black and sleek.  Also, don't forget to put on some sequin earrings just so when you turn, no boys will forget your name ever again.

Practical point: Free feel to slide that faux fur scarf over one shoulder, simply because we all know how cold it feels on the street.


2. Suited Up in Gold

Who said glitter and gold have to come with dresses / skrits?  If you're looking for an edgy look alternative, here's the answer with the ultimate Velvet Suit combo.  Suits are definitely having a moment right now, particularly in luxe fabrics like velvet. Any colour goes but we love this black hue with some touches of gold embroidery, which will look good on everyone.

Step the game up by creating a smokey eyes and all-back hair look.  Put your ego high and approachable.  Now girl, game is on.


3. Over-Glitter Sequin Dress

If any occasion calls for sequins, it's party time! Glittery dress, glittery earrings, plus glittery pumps, did you say “over-glitter”?


Last but not least, some BTS that happened on NYE!

So guys, GAME TIME.  Wish you all the Glitter & Gold in the year ahead!  Good luck x

PS. Tiny sneak-peek. In the coming blogposts, I will be sharing with you my DearPostmanOOTD wardrobe updates, best purchases, bags and shoes in 2018. So don’t forget to tune in and check us out!

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