2019 Resolutions.

To be completely honest, for this 24-year-old me right now, it's indeed a very tricky question.  Yeh, normally, or at least for the past few years, I will have known exactly what I want, where I am heading to, how I am gonna achieve it, whatever.  However, right now, I just don't know.  My life's usually laid out with plans of specific time frames and then I just walk through it one by one.  But now, 3 years of law school, followed by another year of PCLL, and then getting qualified in Sept 2019.  And, what's next?

For 2019, I don't have anything big or glamorous in my mind.  Certainly not big goals or targets.  I admit I did spend more time than usual to reflect on my 2018.  2018's been mostly great, very lucky though it's also been an emotional train wreck.  It's not easy, and in fact still very difficult for me.  But, I feel like 2019 is the time for me to put jigsaw puzzles together, family, friends, money, life, career, etc.  I feel like it's the time to get geared up or prepared for something big and something in the long term.  Entering 24 this way has made me feel the urge and rage to grow fast and grow strong.  It's like I finally realise Chloe is not a kid anymore and it's time to shoulder responsibilities rather than just another Chanel or Dior. 

Mature is the word I would say.  In the coming year, I vow to be a more mature person, someone whom people can finally trust and rely on, someone whom you will want to walk with, side-by-side. 

2018 is a special year.  In 2018, the best - and in fact very unforgettable - compliment I received is that "She is indeed very simple."  You might think that's not a compliment or that is just a casual comment.  But for me, a city girl who spent her life being labelled as "bitchy", it is a very big thing.  One thing I have definitely learnt in 2018 is that a good mindset goes a long way and people can see it.  Only by having a good attitude will you attract people of the like.  Therefore, thank you, thank you, thank you. 

So!  My next goal in 2019 is to become a more kind-hearted person and have a better temper.  To love more and forgive more; to be patient as well as considerate; to learn more and understand more.  Be the person you will want to spend your life with, be the person you will never want to let go.  Being beautiful is not only about having an angel face or chic style.  It's about having a beautiful heart – and that is what lasts forever. 

Last but not least, DearPostman.com.  I admit in the past few months, I have been thinking (too) many times that maybe I should not continue anymore. Partly because I think it's no longer the same as what I have wanted it to be initially, and partly because I think I am not handling well.  I don’t think I am doing a good job.  But then at the same time I realise how much I enjoy writing and fashion, how this place keeps me going.  Ever since I have started DearPostman, it is in my bones and blood.  So I ask myself - maybe it's not the time yet?  As long as there's one single reason I shouldn’t give up, I promise I will continue to work my best for better contents, better pictures and of course, more positive vibes.  So stay tuned with DearPostman.com - 2019's the year to spread our wings!  

I don't like to say "the best is yet to come", because I know I am already living the best.  Words just can't explain how grateful I am.  Merely hoping for the best to come doesn’t bring you success, only by facing the difficulties and working towards it will you get closer and closer.   

Now bring it on 2019!  Look pretty, Live pretty and, most importantly, Feel pretty with the Postman! 

All the best x