Hello from London.

Have been giving myself some time to settle in and get used to the London vibes again.  RIght now I am feeling extra blessed for the nice weather – not too cold and no rain yet (touch wood!).  

As some of you might know, I experienced depression whilst I was at Cambridge.  So I have to admit it isn't the easiest for me to come back alone again.  I know this sounds ridiculous but the thought of having to spend birthday and Christmas alone had made me slightly sad a while ago.  On one hand this is one very precious opportunity, to work and live abroad; while on the other hand I am a little nervous as to whether I could blend in, am I good enough, blahblahblah. 

Also I have to admit I lived a very spoiled life.  I never really need to do my own cooking and cleaning.  So taking good care of myself as well as the flat is a little bit of challenge to me.  Yeh, I was literally figuring out where to get rid of my trash.  And yes, learning to cook.  But I am certainly certainly enjoying the learning again (Adulting).

I still remember the moment when I stepped my feet on this place, I couldn’t stop smiling from the bottom of my heart.  And then I realised, right, why should I worry about things that haven't even happened?  I should have spent my time thinking about how to make the most out of this half year.  Travel, blogging, photos, shopping, learning to cook, achieving a nicer body, everything I have wanted to try and do!  And now that I have more personal time, it's time to improve my inner self.

Learn something new every day.

Currently, I am making myself learn a new recipe a day.  I have always wanted to learn to cook but somehow the plan was just nowhere now.  I am also decorating my apartment, showering it with flowers, candles and everything I wish my future home has.

So!  I have set myself with the following targets for this half-year secondment:

1. Learn a recipe every day
2. Decorate the apartment
3. Make travel plans
4. Stay fit
5. And most importantly, not to regret.

There are no second chances usually.  Now that I have one, I won't let myself regret again.  Right now, I am truly truly truly enjoying myself.  I can't feel more blessed for what I have.  I mean what life am I living?

Meanwhile me in my apartment (with a timer):


So, see you in a bit, HomeKong!

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Love xx