Hello my lovelies, how are you all today?  I am sorry that I have been quite quiet on my social media and DearPostman for the past 3 weeks.  Things happened and I just need some time to digest.  However, also because of the thing that happened, I have felt extra grateful for having this blog. You guys are the reason why I could still stay sane. And I have never felt that motivated to make this blog a better blog.

So, without further ado,, let's leave that aside and move on to something exciting!  Fashion and BAGTIME STORY!

Coming to Bagtime Story 3, which might be one of the most exciting blogposts I have ever wanted to share with you all, here's a tribute to the bag of my dream, the Delvaux Brillant bag.  If you have followed me on my instagram story, or in fact the previous blogpost, you might have already noticed this new baby.  This bag, seriously, has been my dream.  It’s so gorgeous that ever since I have got it I could not take my eyes off it.  And literally every time I carry it, 100% someone will compliment it.


I have this thing about white bags, especially the #FFFFFF white.  It feels so clean, so elegant, so cold, just the kind of woman I wish I am.  Apart from the colour, the simple yet sophisticated design and smooth leather texture are also what sold me.  And guys, I actually fell in love with the bag even before I knew this Belgian designer brand. 

I know white is not always the most popular colour choice.  If you are wondering how to style a white bag, here's three very different ways to style this white treasure.

Vans kinda day look

You might be thinking a bag like this cannot get a lot of wear-outs. NO - a white bag as simple as this can in fact go with everything including basic sneakers.  And because the colour tone of my overall outfit is quite dark, the white pops out even more.


Keep everything white and blue! look

I have a feeling that this combo keeps appearing in every blogpost now – a white shirt plus jeans.  A different shirt, different jeans, different shoes and bags.  (That’s literally me every weekend, white shirt plus jeans!)

The combo just never goes wrong. That's just the magic to it isn’t it?  With different shoes and a different bag and make up and hair, it always gives out a very different vibe and still look very put together.


I love this shirt. I cannot emphasise more how much I love this white oversized boyfriend shirt. Feel free to pull one side down to show a little bit (effortlessly) of sexiness.


Something's on Dressy look

This bag has become my go-to whenever there's a special event on.  Girls know how annoying it can be when your clutch is too small to carry anything, while a big bag is simply not elegant enough.  This mini brillant just comes in the perfect size to carry enough but not too much. 

As to the outfit, the trend is all about layering. As opposed to just a simple black dress, I layered it with a long blazer to create a more structured / sophisticated look.  Belt it up in case it gets too bulky to show your waist lines (trick: elongates your legs too!)


I love bags and I collect them.  IT bags, vintage, classic, depending on the style (and honestly what I feel like at that time).  Recently I have received comments / DMs concerning how many bags I own, how much I spend on my bags, how I save up, etc.  FYI, I only feature bags that I own here because those are the ones I really like and will actually purchase.  Occasionally it might actually be stolen from my mum who (my god!) has the best vintage collection.  I save up for bags and buy bags as an award to myself for achieving something (or sometimes when I am unhappy?).  I will do a more detailed blogpost on this later as promised.

 For more Bagtime Story.
If there's any specific brands / bags you would like to see, leave a comment below!

 Wish everyone a happy day. Love x