So this happened.

All my friends know this. It was only 2 months before I knew I would be going on secondment in London. And as you could imagine, that 2 months was basically hectic. Work, blog, prep for secondment, my god, it was crazy.

I was running here and there, getting bank account done, packing, buying all the “essentials”. At the same time, since I could already speculate that there would be no one to take pictures for me for the blog when I am away, I tried to squeeze all the shootings into my schedule before I left.

And by that time there was already not much time left for me to SEE MY FRIENDS. At first I was a little lazy (I’d say busy) and thought may be we could do simple lunch. But my friends know me - they know exactly how much I would want a themed party. So they came together and put out this themed party for me.

What does a party mean to you?

I love parties. In fact, rather than the pretty pictures, it’s all those happy faces that I really enjoy seeing. It’s those happy smiles when they enjoy the food, chat, laugh about silly things, take selfies, you name it. It’s the grateful “I had fun” messages you receive after the party. Very often, they don’t actually know each other before the party but they blend in so well that the next time you see their names it’s when they comment on each other’s instagram pictures. It’s how all the girls share some common topics and laugh so hard with the random yeh-boys-thought-we-don’t-know topics (you know what I mean).

Throwing a party is never easy. Getting all the A-listers’ schedules together is literally impossible. And making everyone wear the same theme? I seriously couldn’t explain how grateful I am to have you all beside me for all these years.

IMG_3437 copy.jpg
IMG_3409 copy.jpg

See how much they enjoy the food? To be honest I was initially sold by the pink vintage interior at MadameFu and had no expectation for the food at all. But then, oh wow, not only do they have afternoon tea sets, they have dimsum as well as chinese style desserts. Perfect for whoever doesn’t eat mangoes or fruits or chocolate or sweets or in a diet (?!) (you all know who you are!). Plus the food actually taste amazing (bonus point indeed). Well done, MadameFu!

I still remember the moment I said “photos are fine let’s eat”. Then time literally flew. In the next minute, all I could see was chopsticks crisscrossing here and there, people passing the buns and cheungfun around, putting food in each other’s plate. The next time when I was finally done with fixing the camera, the food was completely gone. All the dimsum, cakes, even the plates were collected, gone. It was extremely hilarious.


IMG_3511 copy.jpg

Among these girls there is…

Someone who has known me for more than 18 years;
Someone who reaches out because she knows I am pretending that I am okay;
Someone who is always very gentle;
Someone who might not be gentle but very genuine;
Someone who protects me when I get hurt;
Someone who asks me out when she knows I am not happy;
Someone who always supports me;
Someone who has known me since she was borne;
Someone who is very simple indeed…

At the end, they are all people who really care about me and will always stand by me. They are the people who reply “yes” right after I said I wanted to meet everyone one last time despite how busy they are.


And of course I do not expect to have a gift.

Handmade big hoop earrings, of course, because they know that’s what I will never get enough of. Spot them on my ears already? Love them.

IMG_3522 copy.jpg

The last photo to my best girl of my life. If you wonder who’s been taking pictures for me, that’s her (and my sister as well of course). Together with her, we’ve been learning, growing, exploring side-by-side. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Boy, you break her heart, you watch your ass.


IMG_4005 copy.jpg

Until this day, whenever I see these photos, I still remember how blessed I am to have them. I guess that’s what parties mean to me.

To love and be loved; by people who care for you, just the way you care for them.
People that share their lives with you.

See you all soon, next time in London! All outfits, make up, bags, my wardrobe, all at your disposal.

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Love xx