Hi everybody, oh, no, it’s raining again.  When I did the shoots last week it was still really sunny.  It was so hot that even I was sweating (I don't sweat normally even when it's really hot).  Bear with me if you see any sweat on my face because I was literally sweating like a pig. 

Just like every summer, there will be that one Instagram bag everyone loves and everyone uses.  To be completely honest, we all know these IT bags do not last for many seasons, sadly.  Today you are in, tomorrow you are out (Project Runway music).  So in case you are eyeing on just one summer IT bag but don't know which one to get, scroll down because here's the guide to my top 3 Summer Bags of 2018!

For summer bags, I will usually look for:

1.  Brighter colours
2.  Light weight fabrics
3.  Breezy / Sweat proof texture

Sweat-proof?  It might be me, but I am less inclined to hold a clutch because it feels a little inconvenient (and sweaty) in the summer.  So I'd prefer bags with a handle, which let me jump around while holding it – which can be a very big concern for me.


It doesn't need me to tell you 2018 is the PVC year.  There are PVC raincoats, PVC boots, PVC hats, and of course PVC bags.  Let's be fair the PVC trend will surely not last long.  This bag is literally the perfect today-you-are-in-tomorrow-you-are-out bag.  Also bear in mind that material like plastic can be a little hard to keep.  So unless you are a big fan of the trend, I would not invest on such piece.  

I have been eyeing on this Staud bag ever since I saw it on SongofStyle (her blogpost).  Although it's not a classic type of bag, there are many ways to play with it.  You can put flowers or your favourite make up for them to show in the bag.  Or if you wish, a Loewe magazine, just like SongofStyle!


Other PVC bag options:

Coming from the same brand that designs last year's most popular IT bag, this scarf bag from CULT GAIA has been another big hit.  CULT GAIA is surely the brand that creates the cutest and special bag shapes using the most extraordinary material.  It's true that the Ark bag is a little off season this summer but I still really love it.  (Their new season is absolutely pretty, comment below whether I should get it!)



Yeh it's a scarf bag, but this scarf bag is definitely better than a normal scarf bag.  Why?  This scarf bag is not just a scarf.  It has a pad at the bottom to hold the bag in shape.  It is double-layered, making sure you can carry as much as you want to.  The string (very important) does not go in and disappears if it accidentally go in (you know what I mean).  One last thing about this bag is that the material stays really cool even under the sun for a few hours.  Perfect for the heatwave.



If you are looking for a summer bag that can last for seasons after seasons, then straw bag will be your one.  Unlike the usual IT bag, straw bags simply never go out of trend.  They are light weight, sweat proof, colourful, simply tick all the boxes for a perfect "Summer Bag".  And the good thing about straw bags is they can be very big but still very light-weight.  You can take it to picnics, to the beach, junk parties or even just weekend teas.  You just never get bored with a good straw bag.


Other straw bag options:

Summer has felt extra short this year.  By the time I start living in London, it will be winter already.  So I guess these bags will have to go back into the wardrobe until the next summer.  I am totally gonna miss the long summer in Hong Kong!

More Summer Series here.  Next up: Summer make up products

Love xx