Bye July and here you are August.  It's doesn’t take me to tell you that it's August already because the heat wave and stuffiness and those invites to junk parties would have reminded you that you just enter the 8th and hottest month of the year.  It could be so hot that you literally would want to rip your skin off.  It's lucky when we have the aircon indoor.  But when we don't plus you might be surrounded by all sweaty people (we all know how that feel), you will be hoping for the most lightweight, breezy, easy outfit.

So while you are thinking what to wear because you don’t want t-shirts anymore, here's 3 Summer Must Haves to save you from being hot and boring.

#1 Linen Shirt
This season is all about linen.  Especially for places like Hong Kong, where it could be super hot outdoor but super cold indoor, a linen top will be your lifesaver.  Outdoor – it's breezy and sheer enough that you won't sweat as much while keeping your bare skin away from sweaty people around you.  While Indoor – you don’t need to worry about bringing another cardigan. Tie a knot as you wish, as if you are going on a countryside field trip.


#2 Jumpsuit
I love jumpsuits.  They are no doubts one of the best inventions in the world.  They are literally the "5 minutes later, I am done" item.  It can be for Summer, for Winter, for work or parties, long sleeves, no sleeves, however you want it to be.  So if you just can't be bother to think, throw the jumpsuits on.  And because it comes in a set, it looks like you have made some effort to style your look.


#3 Cami
Cami, cami, cami.  Do I even need to say anything?  Jeans, skirts, shorts, inside a shirt.  Cami is like the 3M sticky hook, that goes with everything, everywhere, everytime. If jumpsuits are "5 minutes later I am done", then camis will be "1 minute later, hey are you done?".  Yeh it's that easy.

StudioDoe brown cami  /  StudioDoe light blue boyfriend jeans  / Chanel classic flap / Fendi vintage mid-heels

StudioDoe brown camiStudioDoe light blue boyfriend jeans / Chanel classic flap / Fendi vintage mid-heels


Me and the summer is like me and my sister – the classic love-hate relationship.  I love the warmth and the outdoor water sports, but I hate the sweat and hate the tan on my body that takes another year to get pale again (which I mean by then it will be summer again).  I love crop tops and shorts but hey, it also comes with the half-a-year gym to get the summer body.

Upcoming with the 2018 Summer Series will be Summer Bags, Summer Makeup Products, and everything about this Summer!  Make sure you tune in next week.