Can’t be more grateful to all your support with  There is always this part of me that thinks I am not hardworking enough – which is true. I have always wanted to create more and better content but sometimes it’s just hard to juggle between everything in my life.  No matter how busy and how much I want to give up, it’s always you guys who encourage me and motivate me and keep this little space alive.

And btw you guys are super cute with the questions!  Without further ado, here’s the answers to all your questions.


About Me

1.    “How tall are you, C?”
I am exactly 160cm and weigh 44-46kg depending on my diet.

2.    "What's your birthday?"
30 October, typical Scorpio!

3. “I wanna ask Chloe what subjects did she take in the a levels and her result”
I did Maths, Further Maths, Chinese (self-read), Chemistry and Economics in my A levels.  Got all As for AS Level and A*s for A2.

Workout, Diet & Lifestyle

4.    “Hiiii, what’s your workout routine? Ps. Happy 3rd birthday to DearPostman!! Have been rooting for you since the very start:)”
I go hard core weight training ideally twice a week (sometimes thrice).  Plus 30min cardio (my fav’s the elliptical) and 4 sets of abs training every weekday morning before work.  And lastly yoga on my rest days (ie. weekends).

5.    "What's your most recommended workout exercises?"
To start with, I am not an outdoor person.  Hiking is not my cup of tea.  I usually stay in air-conditioned gyms if you can tell.  I cannot really recommend one particular workout exercise since full-body training is the most important and effective after all.  But I do have a fav – abs training! (Go to the next question for more!)
And yoga will be really good for beginners to kickstart his/her workout habit. It’s very effective in training your concentration, calming your emotions and controlling muscles.  One can be easily put off by the idea of sweating and getting knocked off after one or two hard core sessions.  But yoga will be very good to slowly build your tolerance up and level up steps by steps later. (Read more about workouts.)

6.    "How to train abs?"
Probably one of the most requested blogpost so far – my abs training!  Abs training is a long journey and it took me nearly 1.5 year to get to where I am now and there’s still a long way away from my ideal body shape.
For me I think abs training is a combination of clean diet + weight training + cardio training + stretching ( + right angle and right lighting for photos). From what I know, everyone is born with some muscles under the fat tissues in the belly area but in order for them to show they will have to be pumped up by weight training while fat will have to be reduced by cardio training and clean diet.  Of course there will be more to it, such as more efficient ways to train, what to eat, etc.  Will do a more focused post with everything I find useful, so stay tuned.

7.    "What do you eat? How much should I eat?"
To be completely honest I don’t eat a lot.  I am very disciplined when it comes to clean diets, mainly veg, high protein, less meat and carbs.  Eat right but not eat less.  However, I do occasionally let myself all in for crazy cheat days too.  Forcing yourself into flavourless diets does not only make you sad, it is not sustainable either.  (Read more about my diets)

8.    "OH my god! Where do you get your gymwear!"
I have done a blogpost on my workout kit.  Now that I am even more into workouts, recently I have also fallen in love with some other brands.  Shall make an updated blogpost after I try them out!

9.    "Any workout inspos?"
Hands down to Romee Strijd, my Queen of Workout.  Her body is just on fire.
Here’s more workout inspos I follow on Instagram / Youtube: yogawithcoffee, Cathryn Li


10.    “break up with Z? :( whyyy, I really love this combo so muchhh :( is that really hard to maintain ldr? Or isn’t it time can worsen any relationship”
Thanks for loving us but sadly, things happened and we had no choice.
LDR, let’s be fair it could be hard but with the right person in life it’s worth it.  Relationships could be living together every day but flirting others on the phone; or it could also be living miles away with their hearts always touching.  So is it really hard to maintain LDR?  Yes, but it’s the emotional distance that is the struggle.
Time can worsen or improve relationships.  One misconception for most couples, and also the reason why relationships worsen, is when one thinks he/she can be lazy/oneself after they are stable. Think about it, will you stay when there are better options out there?  Only by improving, learning will one keep another person’s heart.  Be the girl that makes your boy proud in every way.

Fashion & Make up

11.  “what is your must have items in your wardrobe?”
A nice white shirt, a pair of nice jeans, and of course a nice pair of heels.  But I gotta say these are the items I am most picky with.


12.  “How much do you usually spend on new clothes?”
Ehm, can’t deny that I do spend a lot on my new clothes, bags, shoes, make up, beauty services.  As in how much it really depends, approx. ¼ of my money I guess?  But I have to say I don’t spend a lot on food or socializing.

13.  “Who is your favourite designer? And your favourite place to shop?”
Easy.  Favourite designers - Maria Grazia for Dior (strong and powerful feminism) and Phoebe Philo (former designer) for Celine (clean lines, sophisticated design).
Favourite place to shop – Zara, Fashionbunker (online), studiodoe. 





14. “What is the biggest misconception people have about you?”
(1)  I am tall and skinny.
(2)  I am “cold” and unapproachable.  I might have a RBF but mm most of the time I am just daydreaming.  Close friends know my stupid things.

15.  “Where do you get your ootd inspirations?”
It’s my hobby to read fashion magazines and watch fashion week shows. I read blogs and watch youtube too (some of my favourite fashion influencers: Sue Chang, inthefrow, Lydia Millen, savi's look, Leonie Hanne, and so many more.)

16.  “HEY CHLOE! What is your make up routine?"
I am really not good at doing make up hence you will always see the same make up on me.  Will do a detailed blogpost on my every day make up!

17.  “How did your personal style develop across the years to what it is today?”
That’s a tricky question.  It’s kinda hard to “classify” a “style”.  I would say I have changed from a more casual, girl-next-door style, to more formal, mature, smart casual.  I have wanted to focus on small details and better textures.  Currently I am in love with French chic and I would totally die to style that, but i mean, let the photos speak!


So that is it!  Thanks for all the questions, comments and appreciation.  It would not be where it is right now without the support of you. I was watching a youtube video about being a public figure by one of my fav youtubers.  And she is so right.  Somehow you want to be honest and real but then you just cannot be too real sometimes.  Thanks to this little space where I can completely be myself.  I have always found myself naive to want to create this community of mutual support, but you guys have proved me wrong - that in fact, I could actually make a change.

Thank you.

And of course, I'm not gonna forget the list of topics you guys requested!  Stay tuned and see you again soon, lovelies.