Hi I know it's been a while.  Before I start talking about one of the most requested topics - bags, it’s this time of the year again – DearPostman's 3rd Anniversary!  So just like last year (last year's post), ask us all the questions you would like to know in the link here!


Now, welcome to the first chapter of my new Bagtime Story series!  Literally, this series is all gonna be about BAGS.  If you have followed me for a while, you would have known I am a collector of nearly everything.  But bags, they will always occupy part of me.

I know you are just gonna skip this part and go straight to the bags.  But before you do so, don't get me wrong, it is not the brand or the logo or the price that I care the most.  It's more about the design and whether it suits me.  There are many bags out there that are tremendously pretty, but when I wear it, it's like a "ehmmm, I am not sure".  I prefer a wide range of bags of different colours, styles, shapes, sizes, depending on my outfit of the day. 

Without further ado, here's 2 mid-range bag brands you can never afford to miss!

#1 Giordano Ladies

Ah ha, you will be asking "Do they sell bags?"   The answer is they do and a lot of them are actually really elegant.  One biggest misconception is that Giordano is only Giordano, but in fact it has Giordano Ladies, Giordano Men and Giordano Sport which is just another story.  For Giordano Ladies, the design is mainly about the soft texture, clean lines, earth tone colours, that makes everything from it so elegant yet still very chill.  I personally would describe it as something between girl-next-door and work appropriate.  Nothing too hard, nothing too tacky; everything simple and soft.

Just like the their style, the bag is so simple especially with the single handle design.  The leather is so smooth which makes it look expensive too.  There are many bags that are seasonal (like the Cult Gaia one below), but this one is certainly a longlasting all time piece.


#2 Cult Gaia

Yes, you already know this brand.  The bamboo bag, the IT bag of 2017 – where you can see nearly every youtuber / blogger using one in different colours / shapes.  To be absolute honest, my first impression of it (the original bamboo colour) was like "nah, not a dim sum cage".  But when I see this colour, it’s a 360 degrees twist  "I NEED THIS".  This bag simply makes every outfit look cute.  And it's probably the bag that got asked the most, nearly every time I take it out, someone would make a lovely comment.  I have to admit given the shape and hard material, it's not the most practical bag.  But it's just too cute not to bring it into my collection.


I am also thinking if I should get another one (may be in a lighter colour).  Comment below and tell me which one I should get.

Trust me, with the right texture and right style, one nice bag can go a long way.  More to share about my Handbag Collection!  Tell me what you think below!

Cheers xx