Hello, from London.

Just in time for the 3rd Anniversary for DearPostman.com, 

where everything started.

Happy 3rd, DearPostman.com

It’s been nearly a month since my last post.  Sorry for the unplanned time off and as a matter of fact there hasn’t been such a “holiday” ever since this place started.  But I just need this holiday; firstly because work over the last month has been ridiculously busy; but also because I need this private time to think. 

For that, I am especially grateful for you all for being here for me, either as the biggest supporter or critic.  Thanks for staying here and supporting DearPostman.com all the way through.  Little do you know every time when I feel like giving up, you guys are the main drive to keep this blog alive.  I might not have many supporters, but every one of you counts and I will always be grateful.  Every now and then I would receive these small messages / questions / event invitations from many of the faces I haven’t met in real life which always always make my day.

I have always thought I am good at talking. However, coming to the 3rdyear, feelings have become quite complex that I have struggled to find the right words.  Compared to the first year, things have clearly changed so much.  If you have followed me earlier, you would have known some of the big things that happened recently.  Some ups and some downs, mostly life-changing.  Therefore rather than I-want-some-time-off, it’s “I need some time off” to think, reflect and refresh.  From London to now Hong Kong, (and London again soon, will explain below), from a uni student to now a full time trainee solicitor, life’s been a 180 flip. My thoughts, my mindset.  Or even my style, it has evolved to more combos, more colours and more different styles.  A more dimensional me, a better me.  I have become ME.

I am not perfect and I have never been, but I am happily imperfect with flaws.  That's ME.  It’s not easy to be a ME in this generation, but I will always work towards it.  This is the life I’ve been dreaming of, working hard for and making the most of. This is the perfectly imperfect life I love.  

Trust me your uniqueness is what's gonna make you glow under the right spot light and shine in the right person's eyes too.  It's just a matter of time.

Coming back to DearPostman.com, in the past year, I have tried to produce more different content, more outfits, more inspirations. One biggest achievement is, of course, starting the “Heart-to-Heart” series.  Sarcastically, it’s also the most popular content and also the ones that receive the most feedback.  It just means how serious mental health problems have been living among us but never get talked about.  It is a life you are living and it is very important to love your life.  Some of your stories could be very heartbreaking but at the same time I’m very grateful that you trust me (an unrelated stranger) enough to share with me. I’d say I am someone who had been through it but came out the other way.  That’s why I’d love to spend more time on Heart-to-Heart in the coming year, to share, to reach out, to help.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I hope you are doing better today.

Ah, (this 3rdAnniversary post is a little too long now) but one last thing before I go on to the DearPostman Posts Overview. Before I came to the UK (for my sister’s graduation), I had wanted to upload a picture of me in the UK on my Instagram.  Surprisingly I haven’t found any photo I like.  Yeh needless to say, it’s because I wasn’t extremely happy at that time (read The Glow for more information).  Two years had passed now, here on the same potatoland, I feel extremely different. I am actually happy.  I actually love this place.  I am also extremely excited to be back for half a year as a secondee. How exciting that is (tell me if you are here!).  So bear with me because I can already anticipate that I will be super occupied with the preparation works.  But the good side is I will be able to travel more, think more, and create more, in the coming year at DearPostman.com.

If you ask me my key to where I am today, it would be grace and faith:

Be grateful for what you have and be faithful for what you don’t have yet.

Here’s 42 posts from last year!

Happy 3rd Birthday to DearPostman.com!


I look forward to seeing you all again same time next year.