I have to admit, I never have luck with travelling.  I bring rain and storms to the place I go, literally 9/10 of the times.  (Dear friends, please don't be put off for travelling with me.)  Yeh, but I mean it always ends up raining, always.  It's not even occasional showers, but gloomy skies which requires an umbrella 24-7.  Literally whenever I check the weather forecast before I travel, it's rain, rain, rain, rain and rain every day.  Can you believe that?

However, that's exactly why I felt extra blessed when I was in KaoHsiung.  It was sunny (accompanied by a blue sky) when I took pictures.  It only rained at the right timing after I was done taking pictures, perfect enough.  Scroll down to my two looks with the blue sky (and the Bambis)!

#3 Down we go to the south of KaoHsiung

Down we go to the more southern side – chillaxing beachier side – of KaoHsiung.  Along the way, we hit the deer park at the edge of KaoHsiung.  I love Bambi deer.  I have always, always wanted to visit the Nara park in Kyoto but never get the chance, so something similar in KaoHsiung will be perfect for now.  (FYI: In case you don't know my love to Bambi, you must have spotted that Givenchy Bambi bag which probably has appeared too many times now.  Yeh I love Bambi so much that I have to buy a bag with a Bambi pattern (complete no shame)).  

Bear in mind the "more south" you go, the warmer the temperature is.  However, unfortunately it was winter when we went and the water was still a bit too cold for water sports so that's far we got to – a little tank top with a cover up shirt, not anything less.

Projectno8  shirt / Topshop MOM jeans / Giordano Ladies slides /  Cult Gaia acrylic ark - tortoise (mini)

Projectno8 shirt / Topshop MOM jeans / Giordano Ladies slides / Cult Gaia acrylic ark - tortoise (mini)

#4 Rainbow in KaoHsiung

I am not talking about a real rainbow, but the top instagrammable photo spot you can never afford to miss in KaoHsiung.  It's a church and in fact one of the prettiest among the world.  This place does not require any photography skills or props because the background itself is simply perfect.  Expect a lot of people though, especially in the weekend, so definitely come during a weekday so that you can take as many photos as you want.

Max & Co double check blazer  / Topshop checkered skirt / Brandy Melville Rose Bodysuit /  Givenchy BAMBI printed medium antigona shopping bag  /  Zara checkered earrings

Before I end my travel lookbook, here's a short video of me eating non-stop in KaoHsiung.  Enjoy!

Love xx