Sitting around the office with this gloomy weather did nothing to ease my desperation to travel again (it actually made it worse!)  However, my desperation to explore somewhere else does not root from denial of weekdays or solving problems.  I love to travel because I like to explore somewhere new: new food, new area, new photos, something you are not familiar with.  You may love the place, or you may not, you just don't know yet.

Here I am at KaoHsiung, a less popular / rural side of Taiwan.  Nothing like Taipei, KaoHsiung is more about the culture, the slow pace, and history.  You won't see glam night life in Ximending, nor big commercial malls like 101.  The area is so much more quieter, chilled and residential.  My travel looks in KaoHsiung, of course, are more casual, chill and comfy as well.  As comfy and chill as KaoHsiung.

#1 Early Bird Flight Look

My basic touch-down outfit.  Something sharp and bright to make myself look less tired after working until 9pm at the office followed by packing and then the early bird 8am flight.  I mean, when I just can't be bother to plan out my outfit and still want to feel comfy, go red and go denim.  Red will never disappoint to hide your tired look while denim, hmm, just perfect with anything.


#2 Feel the culture

As I mentioned earlier, KaoHsiung is more about the traditional Taiwan culture, the natural scenery and the history.  Visiting KaoHsiung but not visiting [ ] is like going to Paris and not hitting Eiffel Tower.  Same same.  Rather than shopping hard in busy commercial districts, in KaoHsiung, you work…. slow... you walk slow... you feel slow...... I deliberately went for a girl-next-door look to fit into the more natural and chill area.  Take some time off your instagram and hashtags for some real scenery and fresh air.


My two other outfits at KaoHsiung coming up in the next post.  And by the way I am going somewhere new tomorrow.  Time for some new, exciting inspirations!  See you next week with some new memories, new experiences and a new mind.

Love xx