Hi Weekend, here you are again.

I came across this video some time ago - about Weekend.

“If you are spending 5 days of your week waiting for the 2-day weekend, you have essentially wasted 5/7 of your life.”

This video just hit me.  It’s true, there will be people complaining 5 days a week about their work, their life, while begging for weekend to come.  Then weekend is here and gone again, they would go back to the zombies mode and the cycle restarts until the next weekend.  Dragging through 5 out of 7 days to wait for the remaining 2.

Why?  Have you ever thought why you would waste majority of the time for just 2 days of the week, essentially 2/7 of your entire life?

Time is limited for every one.  You never know what would happen next.  It might be good, it might be bad, you just wouldn’t know until you live it.  Ask yourself, what would you regret for not doing if you have to die today? For the door you slapped at your family, for the words of appreciation you never said, for the I Love You you did not have the courage to say, for the hand you did not hold.  You may wonder where your life will lead to if you have done it.  You might have married the boy you loved, you might have spent more time with your family, you might have...

According to the video, for 90% of the time, people wait for weekend because they are not able to enjoy weekdays.  I used to be one of them, in denial for waking up to work, lied in bed the whole Sunday waiting for the deadly Monday, wasted 6/7 of my time for the “fun Saturday”.  Is it that fun though, fun enough to make up the loss of days? Honestly for me it was not (it was the same time when my blogging career was not going anywhere). If you ask me - no I don’t think I loved my life.  It’s not like I hate it, but I just don’t have a feeling for it.

And until one day I asked myself what’s my dream?  What was my dream when I was small? So I picked up working out, started making plans and goals again.  I started to wake up 6:30 every morning, no cheat days, just to hit the gym before work. Believe it or not, it’s better than any coffee and make up in the world.  I don’t feel tired even though I sleep at 1am every night, I don’t look like zombies even with minimal make up. I look refreshed and energetic, so obvious that other people could pick that up from me.  I feel so positive, so positive that I could actually feel it inside out.

It’s about loving what you are doing, about choosing whatever makes you a better person.  It’s about enjoying the life.  I love my life, I love my job, I love everything in my life. This is the Life I have always wished for.


Smile because I am living the life I’ve been dreaming of, working hard for and making the most of.

I wish I could find the video and share with you all but I just don’t remember where it was from.  Here you are again Monday, hope you all wake up excited tomorrow, every day after tomorrow, every weekday and weekend.

Love xx