I know he will be reading this.

I did not realise how important having a healthy body and mind is, until when it’s too late, that you realise you may lose them.  I did not realise how grateful I should be for things I own now, things I thought will always belong to me, until it’s too late.  Nothing lasts forever, not when you don’t treasure it.

Never take anything for granted, not your body, your blessings, not the people you are closest to.  Very often, it’s the closest people, who you think will never leave you, that you mistreat. Mistreat, doesn’t have to be so extreme like beating or yelling at them, but as simple as neglecting them, coming home straight into your room, shutting them out of your life.  Think about it, that’s just another kind of abuse, mentally, which can be even harder to heal. Very often, we’d rather put on a nice and polite face to someone you just knew 10 minutes ago - because you think you have to and because you assume the closest people should be able to understand and roll with it.  I mean, will you? Will you stay faithful and loyal to someone or something when it doesn’t make you happy? When you think you are unnecessary and extra? No one deserves to be mistreated, and definitely not by the closest people like your family, your love and your friends. They love you.  Yeah, you might have just banged the door “leave me alone” because you had a bad mood.  But this is hurtful - your bad mood and bad attitude do not make hurting people okay.  No one is obliged to forever understand you.

Treasure. You can never speculate what’s gonna happen next.  The healthiest person can be down, while the most patient person may hit his/her tolerance level.  Treasure every moment you get to enjoy a healthy body and get surrounded by people who love you and care for you.  Do what they deserve, treat people the way you want to be treated. Put yourself in their shoes, you in your parents’ shoe when you bang on the table; or you in your child’s shoe when you make decisions on behalf of them.  WIll you be okay with it?  Maybe we should just talk about it.

Assumptions are bad.  Family is not a must. Neither is a healthy body, especially when you don’t treat it in the right way.  Work out, fresh air, eat clean, sleep enough, be positive, all the cliche things a kid knows better than you.  Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. No wealth can ever exchange for health.  Enjoy every moment you can actually take in fresh air and breathe out.

Recently it’s been some tough time for my family.  Probably a challenge, but meanwhile a second chance for us to put our hearts together.  I know you will be reading this, so promise me, come home with a healthy body, alright? I remember you said you are proud of the positivity on this platform and how this changed you. So keep it this way, keep the faith up.

And ehm yes, we broke up – peacefully – for family reasons that had been brewing the whole time we were together.  I don’t feel comfortable to say much more here but we are in good terms, we are good friends and this place will continue to run.  A number of things will be changing here when I have time. Stay tuned, love.


I wish you all the best.