Following last week’s #FollowDearPostmanToShanghai Lookbook Part 1, I told you guys the number of shoes I brought to Shanghai - 7 pairs.  And I’d have to admit I didn’t get to wear them all. First, I brought my sneakers planning to work out in the hotel which of course failed.  Second, Shanghai was too cold for me to wear any slides. But you know me, I always bring more than enough just so I have more options depending on my mood.

I am not the most easy-going person to travel with (sorry, Stephanie).  My luggage was - hands down - nearly triple of hers. You ask me why - now you see!  Scroll down for Part 2 of my #FollowDearPostmanToShanghai Lookbook right now.

Day 3: Red/White/Blue

The moment I saw this cardigan from Zara, I put it into my shopping bag bag.  The colour combo is simply perfect with my Gucci loafers and Gucci Sylvie. The next thing that happened was I walked into COS (which is right next door) and saw the earrings of the same colour combo.  So of course I bought them.

White turtleneck from Japan /  Zara double breasted jacket with pearl buttons  / Giordano red chino /  Gucci leather mid-heel loafers (white)  /  Gucci Sylvie leather mini bag  / Pennyblack coat

White turtleneck from Japan / Zara double breasted jacket with pearl buttons / Giordano red chino / Gucci leather mid-heel loafers (white)Gucci Sylvie leather mini bag / Pennyblack coat

Day 4: Oversized shirt

If you have followed DearPostman to Taipei, you will have noticed this is one of the items I got.  Who said you cannot wear an oversized offshoulder shirt outside a turtleneck top? Summer item turned wintery in five seconds.

Giordano Ladies black cashmere turtleneck / StudioDoe brown off shoulder shirt / Topshop ripped jeans /  Stuart Weitzman the Lowland Boot (black suede)  /  Givenchy BAMBI printed medium antigona shopping bag

Giordano Ladies black cashmere turtleneck / StudioDoe brown off shoulder shirt / Topshop ripped jeans / Stuart Weitzman the Lowland Boot (black suede)Givenchy BAMBI printed medium antigona shopping bag

Note my glasses too.  I got them in the TianziFang market in Shanghai and I was so so so so happy to find them.  I was basically overjoyed. Ever since I saw one of the youtubers wear those hexagonal cuties, I had been hunting for them everywhere in HK but had never found any that fit my face.  So I got them for just 99RMB which also come with a tin box, can you believe that?

As I had said, Shanghai was super freezing cold.  You might be doubting how I managed to stay warm. Yes Shanghai was cold, but in fact I wore more than you thought.  That’s 5 layers of cashmere, hi-techs excluding the coat I was wearing. Trick to layer and stay warm without looking bulky!

See you next week with my Shanghai Travelogue and stupid things that happened!

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