Why Shanghai?  Honestly, it's an impulse trip.  It all happened over a Saturday's afternoon tea at Mandarin Oriental while I was eating my favourite scone of the town, expressing my desperation to travel.  That both of us happened to have a few days' leave and we were desperate to get away from work.  That we had wanted to have some Tiny Times moment, to run on the bridge in fur and gowns and to get all tipsy and flirty at a fancy bar.  It just happened. We booked everything the same night and got on the plane 2 weeks later.  

How's Shanghai?  One word, cold.  Two words, freezing cold.  I wasn't expecting the cold, I was nearly traumatized by it.  You will see why.  We were (un)lucky to catch the coldest Shanghai in 100 years.  The chills in the bones were beyond words, which actually made me wanna pop on the plane to Thailand.

Fun story before my trip.  So just one week before my trip, my friends were joking around - in fact betting on - about my travel fashion, like how much clothes and shoes I usually pack.  They were guessing (they lost and got really mad LOL) how many pairs of shoes I packed for the 4 days' trip.

Here's my Shanghai Lookbook, find the answer yourself!

Day 1: Yellow and Blue

My one tip to choosing travel lookbook outfits, especially if you are visiting those tourist spot which you will be expecting the sea of tourists, choose sharper and brighter colours.  This way you can easily stand out from the crowd and help the camera focus on you.  Therefore I pick yellow and blue, contrasting but not so.  Yellow's been the colour of the season, so why not?


Day 2: Disneyland sheer skirt

As big Disney fans, Shanghai Disneyland is one big reason why we decided to go SH.  The first thing that comes to my mind for the right outfit to Disney is something princessy.  Something fancy but not like a real princess dress.  I got the inspiration from my fav brand - Dior.  Dior is a dream, I will literally die for their dresses.  So I took out my sheer maxi dress from NastyGal, wore a shirt and cardigan above it to make it more casual.  Complete the whole outfit with sneakers to make it more casual and fun.

Grey cardigan from Korea / Theory white shirt / NastyGal sheer dress /  Common Projects classic lace-up sneakers (glossy)  / Alexander Wang handbag

Grey cardigan from Korea / Theory white shirt / NastyGal sheer dress / Common Projects classic lace-up sneakers (glossy) / Alexander Wang handbag

The answer is: 7 pairs

I have to admit I absolutely love this feeling, the feeling of impulsive travelling, leaving when I've wanted to, popping on the plane and rocking all weird but awesome things with your bff, just because you want to and you can.  No one would judge you for singing out loud because that someone is singing louder than you do.

Part 2 of my Shanghai lookbook coming up next week.
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