People say “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”.  That I couldn’t agree more and I believe you will too. Shanghai, as I told you, was an impulse trip.  Me and my best friend were enjoying our scone and fries at MO hotel while venting about life, that we really wanted a getaway right there, right now.  So that’s us, opened the expedia app on our phone, clicked Shanghai, chose a hotel and get, set, go. I mean what’s better than talking about it. Doing it!

Here’s 10 things about our absolutely random, hilarious Shanghai trip!



Shanghai can be absolutely freezing cold in winters.  We were even luckier to catch the coldest monsoon of the hundred year.  I was kinda silly to wear slides, and ehm it did not go well as expected.  It was so cold that day at Yu Garden (it was snowing!) that I could not feel my toes.  I was known for my tolerance of cold weather but that was just unbearable. I could barely move my legs.  So we had to walk into a random shop among the touristy area, ask for the only pair Playboy white socks they had and yes, wear them inside my D&G slides.  Perfect! And then somehow I thought white was not matching, what about brown? That’s me.


Shanghai has some really good cafes.  Google map sucks in Shanghai so we spent an hour walking in the wrong direction.  But it’s all worth it after we got there. Seesaw Coffee is known for being one of the most instagrammable and it’s true.  The minimalistic design is so clean, so soothing and we fell in love the moment we stepped in. But unfortunately guys, photos were forbidden now.

Address: Seesaw coffee (Yu Yuan Road Branch) 中國上海市靜安區愚園路433號



It might be the only Disneyland in the world with a Chinese vibe.  Chinese music was played. Red lanterns were everywhere. But it’s clean and spacious, at least compared to the one in Hong Kong.  Worth the go if you’re like me.



If you want the most "Shanghai" photo, go Yu Garden.  If you want to try all of the Shanghai food, go Yu Garden.  Souvenirs, qipao, silk scarf, Yu Garden. Spend a few bucks to visit the special gardens because the buildings are so pretty and way less crowded.



Tianzi Fang might not be the most historical place.  It's rather a hipster spot, filled with souvenirs, food, qipao, hipster vibes within the hutong (Chinese alleys).

Address: 中國上海市黄浦區打浦橋泰康路210弄



Hello Starbucks fans, the biggest Starbucks flagship store ever.  This place is not only about Choc Chip Frap on the go. There are bread, souvenirs, an entire island of coffee-tasting, another for tea, and also huge machines to process coffee beans in front of you.

Address: Starbucks Reserve Roastery 南京西路789號, 近石門一路



Just keep eating.  Xiaolongbao, crab meat bun, dumplings, caramel strawberry kebabs, stinky tofu, sticky rice cake, yogurt drink, soya milk, squirrel-shaped mandarin fish, shengjian bun, green onion pancakes, duck, peking duck, you name it.  And the legendary, Hey! tea which people apparently queue for hours for the cheesy milk top. I mean my friends love it, but for me, it's overrated.



Bars!  Shanghai is all about fancy bars and clubs with the whole circus show (yes, that's how extravagant they are).  So we went to the Flair I have always wanted to go to for the Oriental Tower shot. However, the second I finally finished setting up my camera, at 10pm sharp, the lights WENT OFF.  Great, luckily the Shanghai-style cocktails are pretty good, so it's worth the go.

Address: Flair (Ritz Carlton) 中國上海市浦東新區陸家嘴世纪大道8號



I've always believed that nothing can be more local than trying on their unique traditional clothing.  Our one-day Shanghai lady experience at our oriental-style hotel. We picked these up in Yu Garden and the quality was quite good.  Ehm, is that our food baby?

Hotel: Dorsett Shanghai



Left this till the end because it's probably the happiest thing that happened during the Shanghai trip.  That is we got to meet up with our friend Joey and her friend Van! High 5 to the two funniest and friendly people in the world, hilarious, easy-going, talkative, definitely not the usual words to describe new friends.  They are the kind of people you can spend days talking to and never stop rolling on the floor laughing. They make sure they roll with the game when you are doing something stupid.


Yes, of course they had to redo our instagram shots.


I love travelling.  Travelling is bringing things that only appear in books/tv alive.  It’s in fact my very first time visiting China, excluding Taiwan and Changlong, and it’s very different from my past trips.  The trip is about doing things I’ve wanted to try - visiting Shanghai disneyland, eating XiaoLong Bao while strolling along the West Bund, hitting a fancy bar with friends you didn’t plan to see.  Super Shanghai-ish.

I will be back, Shanghai, for the water villages I didn’t get to visit this time.  Soon.

Shanghai Lookbook Part 1 & Part 2.

Love xx