2 days. 2 more days until the Cupid Day in case you forget – or are panicking – about it.  Here's the bomb of the year boys and girls – the Valentine's Day.  Oh well, you can barely forget it's the DAY since your bouquet/kisses-filled Instagram will remind you, your Facebook will remind you, and yeh the love birds on the street.  Don't get me wrong – I love Valentine's Day, I love the Day being genuine, warm and unique.                                                        

As a girl/girlfriend myself, I know, Valentine's Day is a total rip-off with prices of flowers and chocolates and course meals tripled with no legit reason.  Plus I would not like to see my boy fast for a good 3-weeks just to afford overpriced things on this public, commercialised Day of Love (jokes).  Valentine's Day is about the celebration of love.  It's a chance for you to show your other half some love, but not to show the world your bouquet.  It's of course not about the size of the bouquet, the price of your gift or how many courses you cannot finish for your Michelin dinner.  I am not going to deny I was that girl in the past, "I want everything fancy".  However, over the years, I realise flowers die but memories don't.  It's about how to make it remarkable and unique.  It's about how you still get butterflies in the belly over that little card he wrote you years ago.

I am asking you not to overdo it, but not to not do it.  Whatever I say after this is absolutely not a must, and of course not a checklist.  It's just something.  So here's my Valentine's Day suggestion, love birds.

1. Pick a restaurant / Cook at Home

This year's Valentine's Day happens to fall on a Wednesday (good or bad?) so for people who will have to work during the day, dinner will be the important meal of the day.  Restaurants are gonna be crowded – not a surprise – so make sure you make a booking in advance.  I know most girls prefer the guys to take the lead on the day, so pick the restaurants rather than she books it herself.  Here's some restaurants I like if you guys want to go fancy:

Not everybody likes to share a Valentine's Day.  So why not a DIY candle night dinner?  Love always tastes sweeter than syrup, they said.

2. Dress up but never over the top

Dressing up is an act of respect.  Therefore picking the right outfit for the night is an important game too.  Impress your boy/girl with a different you, what about that?  My tip is NEVER overdress.  Keep it simple, keep it clean, according to most boys in the world.  Avoid hot bodycon dresses that hug around your body, or those platform heels that literally kill all livings on the ground, or those winged eye line and big red lips, it is a date you are going to, not the Halloween party or Charity Ball.  Mini dresses and bustier?  Wait till midnight at home, honey.

3. Gift ideas

Again, never equate a gift with his/her love to you.  A small gift always bears more than it seems.  I prefer giving/receiving something he/she can use all the time (and think of me all the time).  Something small but delicate and decent.  Most importantly, I will always write a letter or card.  (Little secret: I still cry while I read old cards and letters.)

More gift ideas here: For her, For him

4. Flowers' never a bad idea

I know, I know, roses are overpriced tonight.  And 99 roses? – hella crazy.  Okay, 90% of girls will tell you they don't need flowers; 80% of them will still want them; 70% of them will want to receive it publicly (preferably in office) while only 10% of them carry the heavy bouquet on the street in the end.  Barely any girls will say no to flowers, so boys, that's up to you now.

If you do want to get her flowers but want nothing similar to the guy next to you on the street, wanna challenge yourself with your own hand-tied?  I'm sure it she will be more impressed than holding the 99-roses.


5. Want something extra?

If you are lucky enough to be able to take leave on the day, a day trip or even a stayover is never a bad idea.  Disneyland, hike, picnic, wherever she said she had wanted to go.


Or check in for a special private night without any interruption.  Check with the hotel for some Valentine's package (which sometimes comes with rose petals and champagne) to top it up even further.

Recommendations: The PutmanThe JevoisJ Plus Hotel by Yoo, Auberge Discovery Bay

Auberge Discovery Bay Hotel

Auberge Discovery Bay Hotel

By the way, I understand why girls want boys to take the lead on that day, but that doesn't mean you sit on your butt and wait to score.  Valentine's Day is not a challenge for him nor is it a competition among boyfriend A and boyfriend BCDEFG.  Do remember boys are simple human beings, raise a suggestion or an idea if you have a preference, he will appreciate it.

I know it sounds cliché, but it could be Valentine's Day every day so long as you are with the right person.  The right person?  The one that gets you butterflies in the belly while you read a card written years ago, the one that makes you smile from reading a short message, the one you will want to dress up for and impress.  Don't ever ignore Valentine's Day because you think you two are very stable.  Nothing's too stable in a relationship until there're no longer sparks between you guys.  He gets bored, you get bored, people get bored.  So do something, nothing big, nothing over the top, just something that stays close to your hearts.


Stay close and stay loved, lovebirds.

Happy Valentine's Day.