Here comes the last month of the year. 

2018 has been a special year for me.  I'm sure I have talked about this too many times now so I probably shouldn’t repeat again.  I have to be honest about this that there's been a lot of crying this year, especially towards the end of the year – I mean you all know what I am talking about.  Insomnia and bedtime dreams, which stopped some time ago after I started my workouts, have since then kicked in again.  Having said that, I am not complaining or sympathizing myself.  Things happen for a reason and it’s just fate – what's gonna happen will happen no matter now or later.  Everything's written, just like what my friend told me the other day.  So just go with the flow and see what life will bring you to. 

And in fact, not until the incident did I finally have the time to take a back seat and look at the whole thing – what I learn, why I fail, how I fail, etc.  I certainly, certainly appreciate this, even though, yes it did take a few spiking heartbreaks. 

Good or bad, 2018 will now soon come to an end, and good times is coming.  Before you officially wave goodbye, here's my 11 simple daily habits that always make my day (and hopefully yours after you read this).  Look pretty, Live pretty and, most importantly, Feel pretty with the Postman!

1. Start your day with a full breakfast

This is really important – start every day with your favourite breakfast.  Breakfast is certainly my favourite meal of the day and I always find it being underestimated.  This is the first meal of your day – it gives you the energy, the support, the sweetness for the rest of your day (sounds like it's the rest of my life).  It simply determines how good your day is going to be.  I know this sounds all ridiculous but yes, if I had a bad breakfast that morning I would be pissed throughout the day.

2. Maintain a good well-being

Health is very important.  One cannot enjoy his / her life without having a healthy body.  And in order to maintain a good well-being, for me, it's 1/3 diet, 1/3 workout and 1/3 a good mindset.  And for this item #2, I am talking about workouts.  Some background information, I did (semi-) workout during high school.  However I did not do it properly and regularly until March 2016, and that's when I actually realised how important and beneficial working out can be.  Not gonna lie, I started off solely to lose weight but now I am in love.  However I realise later that it’s not only about the toned body, but the happy sweat and vibe you leave the gym with after some intense bootcamp sessions.

3. Treat yourself

Yes – right after the sweaty bit, I am asking you to treat yo-self.  Generally I do have high and harsh expectations for myself.  But meanwhile, I am also never selfish when it comes to treating myself.  Frankly, you just don't need any justification for this one.  It is just another way of motivation.  McDonalds after spinning session? – I mean, big yes.


4. Take a good shower and get all pampered

There's no better way to end your day, de-stress than having a nice warm shower (preferably a bubble bath if that is an option).  I have this one house rule – never bring your stress from the office back home.  You shouldn’t be surprised by now that stress does spread and accumulate and it's increasingly unhealthy for anyone you love to live in that circle of bad vibes.  Wash everything bad away with a nice warm shower and get all pampered with your best lotion and most scented body scrub.  Put on your favourite mask, and enjoy that "I feel great" moment. 


5. Words of Appreciation to everyone around you, especially strangers

I love this one.  Never underestimate the power of the most effortless "Good Morning", "Goodnight", "Thank you", "You look awesome today", etc.  Yes, words of appreciation might not cost you a penny, but it can be a great deal to whoever receives it, including strangers.  Yes I am talking about your bus driver, the person who takes your morning coffee order, the guy who holds the door for you, people you might not see anymore for the rest of your life.  That person might be experiencing his / her lowest and your generous words might have saved him / her from the suicidal thoughts, you just never know.  Be generous and grateful, you just never know.

Thank you, for coming to this far of the blog post. 

6. Words of Appreciation to yourself

And yes, while being generous to others, please be as generous to yourself.  You might be surprised, but I do say thank you to myself every now and then.  This is not crazy – everyone deserves appreciation, even on a bad day.  Be the first person to tap on your own shoulder and promise yourself you will work even harder.

"Hey, it's okay to make a mistake, because now you know what you shouldn't do.  You've worked hard enough today." 

7. Free hugs too

Now if you feel comfortable with base 1, it's time for base 2 – free hugs.  Basically, a good hug is the fastest way for you to get oxytocin (also known as the "love drug") flowing in your body. Not only does a good hug calm your nervous system, it boosts positive emotions and increase your social connections and a sense of belonging too.  Well I did not make this up, scientists say so. 

8. Write things down

I am a writer – not like a writer writer, but I certainly am a fan of writing things down.  I like to record everything in life, all the instant mood, things to be done, happy things, sad things.  Funniest thing is though I write blogs electronically, I actually prefer handwriting my diary.  I like to have the actual papers in front of me (If you have been to my place, first thing you notice will be papers lying around).  Partly because I hate to forget things, and partly because I feel like seeing an actual paper keeps me focused.  I mean electronic tools are super handy and convenient, but equally you may "conveniently" swipe away and throw things behind the back of your mind.

Plus, memories and feelings are instant.  The first-timers, they are just gone forever.  That's why I like to keep a diary collection, to record every tiny moments, until one day you come across them, you'll be like "Ah yes, that's how my face blushed when you first kissed me". 

9. Social media detox and work with real things

This is something I've wanted to talk about (probably in a separate blogpost that follows shortly), but you might be surprised that though I am a blogger, in reality I am not a social media person – and not a FOMO.  Quite the opposite, I enjoy being occasionally MO – missed out.  I know this is the era of social media (and it might sound all contradictory since I run content on multi social media platforms and share things on the internet with you all whom I might not even know).  But never let social media take over your life.  Never let others' perception or value of life or comments or number of likes control you.  At the end of the day, it only take 1 second for others to see that one glamorous photo you posted, like or not liked, they swipe up, they never remember again.  But you, you yourself, own all that hard work and sweats and memories behind the scene.  They are yours and no one can take them away from you. 

So what I am saying is not completely stay away from social media, but take a break every now and then.  Let yourself sink in, phones down, and work with real things, talk to the person opposite to you over lunch. 

PS. No one but you own those 1000 failed ugly shots too. 


10. Take a deep breath and chill, take some time off

I live around workaholics – workaholics of the workaholics.  They work their butts off round the clock, they are the most responsible and hardworking bees in the world.  And that’s also one of the reasons why I have my hats off to my ex-boyfriend, truly one of the most hardworking person I have ever met in my life.  And I have to say I still truly admire that and even I myself am also influenced by that.

Yet while working hard is super important, don't forget to factor in some time-offs.  We are not robots.  We need to recharge ourselves just so we can go further and quicker.  Sometimes it's just too easy to be consumed by work and end up losing yourself.

So, ex-boyfriend, now you know, a little break. 

11. Last but not least, Smile

Simple.  (Say cheese, against all odds.)   


I am sure there will be many more on the list.  Share with me and others in the comment box below some of your simple yet happy things in life.  Share the love and spread the positivity, be the person you yourself want to surround with.  Trust me, good times will come, for me, for her, for him, for everyone. 

Less than one month till 2019 so let's start today.  I mean it's never too late to live a better life, is it?

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Love you all x

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