If you ask me what I think is the most signature London element, no doubt I would say red socks and checks.  All kinds of checks.  Honestly I can't say much more about red socks, because even I can't explain why I find them really iconic and London-ish.  But for checks, especially those brown / tartan / glen plaid kinda checks, they just make me feel very London.  I mean Burberry has it, Gieves & Hawkes has it, Liberty has it, and Vivienne Westwood, the Queen of tartan.  Every time I put on some checks in London, I just feel extra smart and put together that day.

The fun fact is only until I actually did this checks-focused outfit post, that I realised how many checked items I own.  Some of them are even made up of the same check and same colour though from a different brand.  However for this post, I am going to focus on one of my recent favourite purchases from Zara – the checkered Blazer.  Scroll down to see how you can easily create 3 different styles with the same blazer!

#1 Hey girl

Hey girl, how are you doing?

This is the reason why I prefer oversized blazer over slim fit. Fed up with the usual blazer look? You can always freely belt it up to make it a dress. Pair it with your over-knee boots to show some sexiness (elongates your legs too!). This way I am sure your crush won’t be able to take his eyes off you. You go girl.


#2 Autumn break

Other than the London vibe, does this checkered blazer ring a bell to you? Yes - it’s the high school jacket! Checkered always reminds me of my high school life in the UK (unfortunately not for my HK high school), while layering it with a hoodie makes it even so. This look reminds me of my high school life where we would skip class and have fun in the forest behind our dorm (yeh, we have a forest in our school). Back then we would pool all our coins and spend all of them on the vending machine and see what we can get. And then we would sit in the corridor and eat all the snacks while talking about diets.


#3 Classic London Look

If I say the most signature London element is checks, then this look is simply the classic of the classic.  And this is what I said that I feel extra smart and put together.  Full checkered suits layered with another checkered coat.  Yeh, how checkered can I get?  The funniest thing is I only knew they were the same colour and same pattern until I coordinated my wardrobe according to their colours.  My reaction was like "seriously?"  But I guess that explains how much I like this pattern and I am LOYAL and consistent with what I like.

One thing I like about checks is that you can layer as many as you want without being too over.  And apologies for completely blending in with the background because ehm, London has that same colour tone everywhere.


Here you are my 3 looks out of the same checkered blazer.  This is why Zara is always one of my favourite go-to brands.  Their items are just super economical when it comes to how many different styles / combos one can create.  Boyish, sexy, work-appropriate, you name it.

Plus, here comes the last month of 2018, and less than 20 days till Christmas.  Don't forget to tune in for some Christmas vibes at DearPostman.com!

Stay warm x