It's almost certain that when people talk about suits, they would be thinking about black & white, or grey, or navy, or the furthest will be checkered.  Even so, they would still be thinking about classic shirts, and heels.  Today, following from Power Suit 1, DearPostman will be showing you more colours and combinations one can create with suits.

Come on now!


# Colour blocks

Suits do not always have to be dark in colour, just like shirts do not have to be white.  Sometimes colour blocks can add some fun to the whole usual look and create some chemistry you never know exist.  Just like a magenta shirt with light blue suits. 

Magenta and light blue are both very strong and vibrant colours themselves.  And according to all Art teachers, or even my own one-focus-point theory, this is just wrong and you shouldn’t put two vibrant colours together.  But just like what your boyfriend will tell you, there are always exceptions.

Racil lady tie-neck silk-crepe blouse (red)  /  Zara sky blue double breasted jacket  / Blue pants from Taiwan / Steve Madden wrap sandals / Agnes b red clutch

Racil lady tie-neck silk-crepe blouse (red) / Zara sky blue double breasted jacket / Blue pants from Taiwan / Steve Madden wrap sandals / Agnes b red clutch


 # Summer Suits

Given the usual fabric of suits, suits might seem like a more cold-weather thing.   You almost would not go for suits unless you really really have to.  That's true and I wouldn’t deny that, though only to the extent that wearing shirt is a must.  Who said suits must come with a shirt or a blouse, or loafers or heels?  What about summer cropped tops and sandals?  Plus the orange scarf you wear when your mama says it's cold outside.


# Classic Tailor-fit Suits

Coming to the last look, I have to end this post with the classic tailor-fit suits.  Classic  jacket and pants and a classic white shirt with the classic Oxford collar. 

Getting the classic is always the hardest.  The classic suit jacket that is not too long or too short, not too loose or too tight, with sleeves that cut one inch above your wrist and show a little bit of your shirt and cufflinks (if any).  Suit pants that perfectly stay at your waist even without a belt and go down to your ankle straight and clean.  Classic will always be classic, forever and always.


I have deliberately paired my classic suits with  a pair of casual slides to create a more casual look.  Finish it up with a white bag to keep everything clean.

I don’t know if you are persuaded by now (hopefully you are).  There are just too many things you can play with when it comes to styling suits.  The colour, pattern, fabric, cutting, or the buttons, revers, flaps, piping, lining, every single detail you can / cannot think of.  Details which you might find really small and unnoticeable, yet so game-changing and effortless and smart enough to impress others around you.

I mean yeh suits might not be your thing, but why not give it a try at least.  Send me your POWER SUIT style if you have given it a try!

Power Suits 1 link here.