This is a blogpost that no longer applies to me, but hopefully applies to you guys still – Back to School Lookbook 2 (summer lookbook link here).  Talking about college / uni, unlike most of the people, I won't say that was the best time of my life (since it really wasn’t and I absolutely prefer working).  However I do really miss those times when I could sleep in and skip school, wear whatever I want and see my friends every day.  I love my friends, I genuinely think they are the coolest and the most ridiculous people in the world.  I am not saying they are ridiculously cool, they are just very very ridiculous that makes going to classes really fun. 

Thinking of outfits for school, some of you might be thinking hoodies and flip-flops (yeh, why flip-flops).  If you are, it's time to try something else?  If you are not, cool, here's something to up the game, what about that?  Here's 7 essentials for a practical yet chic Back-to-School look!


1. Backpack

Take a look around the lecture hall.  Almost 95% of the guys will be carrying a backpack (60% one-sided plus 35% both-sided) and 5% carrying no bag but one pen and folding their notes into small pieces, just enough for their pants back pockets (and usually walk in late).  While on the other hand, 20% of the girls will be carrying a cute backpack, 35% tote bag, 35% Longchamp and 10% mini crossbody bag while hugging a laptop in front of them.  Mind you, I am not the 10%, maybe just sometimes.

I like to carry a backpack.  Not only is it big enough to fit my laptop, notes, pens, water bottle, cardigan, it's comparatively light.  It is convenient, keeps my hands free.  And at the end of the day, my shoulders won't hurt as much because the weight would not focus on only one side.


2. Comfy sneakers

I love sneakers, they are just so comfortable.  I love heels but sometimes you just want that step back to something easier to walk in (especially after work).  Back at my days, I wore Vans sneakers nearly every day.  They simply go with every outfit.  You save the hustle to worry about standing in a cramped mtr or running to class because you are late again (you know what I mean).  My alternative will be their slip ons.  You step in, and you go.

Important reminder: Don’t wear white sneakers.  Annoying enough, people step on them intentionally and unintentionally.

One more thing, wearing nice sneakers does makes befriending guys easier – supported by facts (girls, know the flyknits). 

3. T-shirt plus Jeans

There is nothing more comfortable and easy than just a white t-shirt plus jeans.  You can never go wrong with that combo.  It’s easy, it’s chic, it's effortless.  It looks like you don't care enough but in fact you know exactly what you are doing.  Plain white tees are forever my go-to.   

I have to say I can be very picky with the choice of my white tees.  I personally like them a little oversized, round necked and not sheer.  I think it looks extra cute to tug it into high waisted jeans just like you steal it from your boyfriend (the one I am wearing is in fact a men's tshirt).  If you are worried that it's too oversized, roll up the sleeves a little bit.


4. Big bag

An alternative to a backpack.  Laptop, notes, pens, water bottle, gymkit, all the papers that fly around.  For someone as clumsy as me, you will need a big bag to hold everything.  I lose things all the time.  If I hold something in my hand and put it down in a shop to free up my hands, 80% I will forget to take that thing back.  Or nearly every time I hold something in my hands I will trip and fell on the ground.

Fun fact: I tripped during one of my clients meeting where all parties including the barristers and experts were there.  Perfect.  What makes it even funnier is that I told my friends about that, not only were they not surprised, they also reminded me of my other fell down experience at uni while I was hugging my laptop in front of me.  

Now you know, big bags are extremely important if you do not want to embarrass yourself.  If you think a white tote is too boring, try something colourful.  An outfit as simple as this will go with every colour.

5. Cardigan

We all know how important a cardigan will be in a lecture hall.  Sometimes I wonder if all my school fees go to the electricity bill, because it's always freezing in the hall.  Or maybe it's a way to keep the students awake?  You tell me because all I know is it's forever ridiculously cold.  That's why I always have a cardigan in my bag despite the crap I already have in my bag.  It's just so important, especially in this autumnal weather. 


6. Dress

According to most of my friends, whenever they have no idea what to wear, they go for a dress. When they are too lazy to style, they wear a dress. When they are going on a date, they go for a dress. You don’t even have to think how to style, what to style, and that’s it.

b+ab blouse /  ZARA checked pinafore dress  / Pennyblack red loafers /  Celine medium classic bag in box (red)

7. Fake glasses

I have to admit I don't have the best face for glasses.  I look like a total nerd.  I sometimes wonder how some people can handle glasses that well without a hint of geekiness.  Even so, I think it's a good accessories if you don't feel like putting on make up that day or you have that round of dark eye circles after working all night the night before (or from the binge watching).

One thing to bear in mind is to look for the perfect shape for your face.  Round glasses are not everyone.  Unless you have very nice features, I would recommend you to go for a hexagonal ones just like mine.  Not only does it make your face look sharper and smaller, I personally think they are more chic.

I feel like I have told you guys too many embarrassing things about me in this blogpost so I better stop here.  At the end of the day, school is fun, when there are no exams.  Sometimes I secretly wish I could still be that college hoodie kid when things were way more simple and stupid. 

Good luck guys x