This is a story about Shoes.

Every pair of shoes has its own story.  Every pair bears a special blessing of itself and a meaning that will never wear out even after, one day, the shoes become so old that they can no longer fix it with a new sole or sew the hole in the front.  Every pair of shoes represent that specific stage of you, that moment, that mindset, that you can never relive again.  A pair of pink ballet shoes give you your dream, a pair of heels send you to your very first date at the cinema, a pair of loafers give you confidence at work and a pair of fur slippers give you a home.

Every pair of shoes represent you.  A you right now, right there.  This is the story about Shoes.

#1 Zara Kitten Sling-back

I still remember I was looking for a pair of kitten heels for work because I can't walk in 4-inches every day.  My 4-inches did not only give me blisters on my toes, but also on my foot palm because, girls know, the pressure is real.  So it was during lunch hour that I walked into Zara and – bling – that's it, I need them.  I'd to admit I wasn't so used to the height in the beginning, they were a bit "low" compared to my usual ones.  But they are so comfy, so easy to walk in and goes with all my b/w work looks.  They are seriously my war buddies while I carry the luggage into and out of court with another file in one hand and law book in another.


#2 Silver Open-toe Stilettos

This is another pair I will never forget.  I have been hunting for a pair of silver stilettos for so so long.  I have always fantasized silver stilettos with thin straps as sexy, feminine and cold, something you can wear dresses or pants or skirts.  And this pair, this specific pair from Stuart Weitzman is what I've been hunting for: metallic silver, super thin straps, four inches.  But I remember they aren't cheap, so that's why it took me quite a while to get my hands on.  Until one day in July, I saw "50% off", and I mean how can I resist from getting them (even though I did struggle a bit in front of the discount sign).  So here they are, one of the most worn shoes to events and parties.

Zara t-shirt / Hollister jeans /  Stuart Weitzman nudist song tin glass microfibre sandals  / Chanel boy

Zara t-shirt / Hollister jeans / Stuart Weitzman nudist song tin glass microfibre sandals / Chanel boy

#3 Blue lace-up heels

If some of you do not know, I used to learn ballet until I completed my 8th Grade.  I did used to wish I could be a ballerina one day.  But for some reason, I just stopped doing ballet.  At some points of my life, the idea of picking ballet up again does hit occasionally.  This pair of blue lace up heels reminds me of ballet.  Especially when I wear a semi-tutu, they remind me of tipping my toes, wearing a tutu and spinning on the stage (even though honestly, I am not good at it).  It reminds me of a faded childhood dream.

Zara off-shoulder / Blue tutu skirt from Japan /  Staccato Pointed Toe Suede Ankle Strap Heels (light blue)

Zara off-shoulder / Blue tutu skirt from Japan / Staccato Pointed Toe Suede Ankle Strap Heels (light blue)

I love my shoes.  These 3 are just part of my collection/memories.  Rather than just fashion items, they carry meanings or achievements or stories that I will never forget.  My first pair of designer shoes, the pair I bought with my first salary, the pair of 4-inches that made me fall, or the pair my family gave me for birthday.  I have always treasured all the gifted shoes because I believe they carry messages of "good luck and walk far".

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Love xx