Before I jump into bikinis, sunshine, beach, anything fun and hot, I am delighted to say DearPostman is doing something new!  Ever since I have started doing the Heart-to-Heart posts - quite surprisingly - I've been receiving messages regarding self-love, self-appreciation, health etc.  And what impresses me most importantly, are their own true stories.  Never have I thought or imagined that I could be someone's inspiration.  I am so so so grateful, but at the same time, quite frustrated by the fact that self-love is so lacking in our community.

I had depression.  And I totally understood that frustration for being unable to articulate your feelings in words and to get trapped in the dark box.  My lovelies, it's okay to be in the dark box, but hey you are not alone.  DearPostman is with you and here we are to bring you out to the light.  Talk to us if you have experienced the same, spread the positivity, walk it through together.

We are with you.

And of course, summer swimwear time!  The weather's been so so the whole week.  The city had seemed a little darker and depressed especially when the grey sky and clouds had decided to take the spot.  I'm sure you are missing the beach and holiday as much as I do, so at the meantime why not some swimwear shopping to get ready for the upcoming Sun-Funday?
What about the coming up 2 new white swimwear of 2 entirely different styles in my Swimwear Collection? What do you think?

#3 Baywatch

Zips up, caps on, I'm the lifeguard for the beach today.  If you are experiencing any danger, shout out and I will be there.  CK has always been famous for their bras and swimwear.  And this one is simply the perfect swimwear for any kind of water sports and those CK bands make sure you still look chic af when you fall from the wakeboard.


#4 Classy-Lacey

That not-quite-into-swimming-but-still-want-champagne sexy swimsuit.  Perfect cutting, texture, design that amplifies curves on you.  I love how the lace is so sufficiently sexy and feminine but not too much.  But like... I don't quite remember things from that day, except that I had too much champagne that I woke up with a French accent.


You know what, exactly when I am typing this right now, THE SUN IS OUT!  I always believe in the law of attraction and I believe this one is too.  So girls, time to get the swimwear out!  Bring the sun back and don't forget to share your stories with us.

B&W Swimwear Haul Part 1
More swimwear.

Love xx