Can you believe it’s already September?  Oh my gosh, it’s only my first day of work and I am already missing my holiday, sunshine, beach and summer.  There’s never enough fun, is there?  Staying in the office has made me miss my summer even more.  So, cheers to my summer, to the weekend, 4 newbies to my swimwear collection - and I promise it wasn’t on purpose - all in black and white!

#1 Korea high-waisted style

Hands down, the cutest-est piece among all of them.  The high-waist design has also elongated my legs and made my body proportion better.  Perfect for you all fancy cutie pies - and of course with a drink on the pink flamingo.
(And something your boyfriend will be willing to let you wear!)


#2 COS minimalist style

If you are a fan of minimalism, you wouldn’t be surprised with this brand I am going to talk about.  COS makes sure every piece from them is sleek, chic and clean.  And that applies to their swimsuits as well.  Perfect fabric, sleek design, that just hugs around your body and shows the curves on you.  The only bad thing is that it doesn’t have any lining or support so a little more curves on your body will be required.


Looking through my beach photos have made me wanna go to the beach more than ever.  I believe you are too.  Yet, not the cutie-pie style nor a fan for minimalism?  Then stay tuned for the sporty beach girl and sexy lady coming up in the next post!

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Love xx