I am 22, and I started my weight-loss journey since 14.  I am 160cm, currently weigh 100lb (BMI = 17.6).  You would be thinking: how on earth do I have to lose weight?  But trust me, I used to be famous for my big thighs, unproportionally-swollen lower body, fat hips.  I was even being laughed at for my fat legs on a minibus by a stranger.  I was 15-year-old, 125lb back then.

Over the past 8years, I had tried every single method on earth just to see my weight go down.  I cut my carbs, my meat, sweets, and eventually only allowed myself to drink a bowl of soup a day, and later only water.  I wrapped myself in cling film so that I sweat, I showered with cold water in winter (people said ballerinas use this method to burn fat to keep herself warm), I massaged myself in fat-burning oils, took pills that claimed to clear all the oil in your body.  But girls, yes I lost a lot of weight, but I ended up with anorexia and heaps of cellulite.  Life was depressing.  Because your body does not absorb enough sugar, you are constantly tired and your temper turns bad.  You may not notice that, but ask yourself: (1) do you crave for sweets/snacks; (2) do you get emotional more often; and (3) does your skin turn dull.  If it is a yes, that's when you lose weight in the wrong way, in the unhappy way.

Weight loss is a girl's life goal, and you never stop losing weight.  Here's to the 3 top tips to my healthy and happy weight loss journey - Diet, Mind, and Workout - how I eat more yet stay fitter every day.
(Disclaimer: I am not saying it works for everybody, but it works greatly on me.)



Never starve yourself.

Human bodies are intelligent.  When you are constantly below your required energy / sugar level, your brain reminds you to absorb more sugar, that's when you constantly think you need some sugar-rush.  You probably would think you want sugar to make yourself happy.  But in fact, it's more than that.  It is quite funny, I used to crave for snacks all the time (I could eat pocky and kitkats for dinner).  But now that I eat properly, I no longer like sweets or chocolates and I lose even more weight.  Now you know.

The next bad thing about starving yourself is the less you eat, the more your body needs sugar, your body tends to absorb more sugar.  You know what happens next - yes, gain even more weight.  So of course I am not asking you to eat like a lorry, but do not starve yourself.


Eat more, eat right.

It may sound completely nonsense, but eat!  EAT!  EAT!  Eat the right things, keep a balanced diet.  Only by following these rules will your body be able to work the best and maximise the effect of losing weight.  By eating right, I mean things that are nutritious, with good fats, and high protein value.
Examples: Avocado, salmon, potatoes, vege, nuts, tuna, whole grains, grapefruit, chia seeds, chicken breast



Don't limit yourself with numbers.

Numbers do not mean everything.  I know, every girl on a diet is obsessed with kg/lb/cal, and I was too.  I used to weigh myself every day and if I saw a 0.2lb up I would be devastated.  I read nutrition tables, made sure I did not digest more than 500cal per day (2000cal for normal female).  I defined myself with numbers that certainly do not mean anything.  You may weigh less, but that doesn't mean you are fitter.  It only means losing muscles and proteins you need for your daily maintenance.  Slowly and without realising, you become a freak that checks every number, rejects food, spreads unhealthy energy - a total freak to dine with.


Look fit, not thin.

You may not agree with me, but being skinny is not pretty.  You wanna look fit, not skinny.  At the end of the day you are looking for a tighter waist and the sexy feminine curves, not a flat chest, rib cages, a flat butt or bags of cellulite here and there.  Trust me, guys are all crazy over curves.

I promise I did not start off any better - if that's what you are thinking.  I was fat and I was called fat.  I was as desperate as any girl at their puberty and that's what pushed me to anorexia.  Girl, you won't be jealous when your skin condition is so bad, throw out whenever you see food, get emotional for no reason, get paranoid with kgs/lbs/cal.  Your weight is not going to change in a day.  It is your mindset, your diet you should change today.  So stay healthy and happy.


Same time next week for the most most important part of my weight loss journey - Workout!

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Love xx