Cheers to DearPostman's 2nd Birthday!

Before I started writing this blog, I read the one last year (Happy 1st to DearPostman!).  It's only been a year but it already feels more than that.  Partly because life has got more complicated, partly because it has moved so far.  As opposed to the first year, where we were still at the explore-stage, trying to stand up like a baby, I would describe our second year as a walking-stage for toddlers.  It's like you know what you wanna do, but you wanna make it bigger, better, prettier, and deeper.  Small steps.  But by every small step, it's been miles from where you first started.  

For this second year, I have to admit things have become very complicated.  School, life, blog, and work - it's not easy to get all of them in place.  To be completely honest, I have thought of giving this place up.  Yet literally every time when I felt so frustrated I would see comments and compliments from you all which reminded me why I first started this place.  I am here to spread love and positive vibes!  How can I give up when you all are behind me backing me up at your best?  You may not know, but your every comment, like, or compliment does matter.  It's truly what makes this place last.  And very often they make me tear up too.

As request, here's Part I of the Q&A!  Before I start, I'd like to say YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST HUMAN RACE ON EARTH!  YOU ALL ARE SO SO SO CUTE.  For questions regarding relationships or fashion, they will be on our next blog post since there are too many questions thanks to you all.  Find the answer to your questions now!

1. How long have you been doing this blog?
We have been doing it for 2 years and honestly we never thought it can go that far.  So cheers to its 2nd birthday!

2. Why do you call it DearPostman?
Ooooo, it went all the way back to the time we first started the blog when I was still studying in the UK.  It’s always always the best feeling to receive something at the school office from the postman.  It can be your online shopping, or something from your friends, or even as small as a letter from your LDR friend, it's still literally the best feelin on earth.  And thanks to the Postmen out there who bridge relationships up by sending letters from one place to another.  So here it is, respect for the Postman!

3. How do you balance both being a blogger and a law student?
Absolutely one of the best questions and at the same time my biggest struggle.  Like both of them in itself is already hard, time-consuming and sometimes tiring.  Let's not even mention when you try to balance between the two.  To be completely honest, I struggled in the beginning (and I still do occasionally) and I wasn't doing well for either one of them.  It took me a month or two (?) to lay down a proper timetable for myself.  And the timetable, which you would have expected, is very full.  I go to school, work part time as a magazine editor, and blog in my free time, sometimes on a bus, or during friends gatherings while the others are eating.  It's that hard.  But as long as you really enjoy doing one thing and you really like it, you  stick with the plan, stay committed, and then things just work.
And not gonna forget to thank everyone around me, who has helped me with notes in lectures or fed me food or born with me when I am hugging my laptop while everyone else is eating.  Big love<3

4. How do you get time to dress up and study?
Dressing up is my hobby and more like part of my life like sleeping and eating for me.  I scroll ASOS as frequent and as detailed as I read my Law books (or more frequent and more detailed).  So I won’t say I make time to dress up, I just dress up like I have to.

5. Why did you choose to write your own blog?
Oooh, that goes back to the root of this baby.  I started blogging because I really like talking and sharing.  So I thought may be I can start a blog writing things people never get to know.  And then I realised fashion's probably the thing I best at or I really like.  So here it is, a "fashion blog".

6.How long does it take to shoot an outfit?
It depends, depends on the outfit, the background, the mood (of the photographer), and many more.  It normally takes an hour to two.  Or if the venue is really gorg or is really far like the Watsons Bay or or Mackenzie Point’s Beach, then it can take up an entire day.

7. How long does it take to prepare a post?
More than you can imagine.  It starts all the way from coming with a topic, looking for the right outfit and venue and sometimes the right props, shooting, choosing the photos and writing.  I would say from a week to even months.

8. Where do you get inspirations from?
Everything.  Daily life, instagrams, bloggers, youtubes.

9. Name your favourite blog post or collab.
My favourite's definitely travel lookbooks, especially the Child of Mothernature series shot in Sydney!  Collab - hands down, the Swimwear Haul and Eye Candy collab with Gina!

10. Why are you so rich? - How do you afford so many things? / How do you afford so many shoes?
First of all, I wouldn't say I am rich.  Yes I own a lot of items, but not all of them are expensive.  Some of them are quite cheap too.  And sometimes I sell the old items to get part of the money back.  Oh and I work part time too, it's not a lot, but it does go directly into the blog fund.

11. Use 3 words to describe yourself.
Energetic, committed, observant - I am a very typical scopio.

12. Have you thought of doing youtube?  Hair routine?
Ehm, a yes and a no. Yes because it’s a big trend, it’s more interactive, more interesting and “alive” and sometimes youtube’s are better for topics like “50 Facts about me”, hauls and etc.  But maybe not, because it’s even more time-consuming and I don’t think I look good enough for a youtube me.  So maybe one day when I come up of my comfort zone, fingercrossed.

13. Really like reading convo between you guys.  Who took the photos?
Probably one of the questions I got asked most.  My boyfriend takes the photos whenever we are back in the same time zone. So you could imagine us doing 2-3 shoots a day so that we get enough materials for the time we are apart.  For the other times, it’s me or my lovely friends around.

14. I am a big fan for dearpostman.
Thanks! <3

15. Love you two.  Very nice photos in Taiwan!

16. Love your style so muchhhhhh!
Thanks! <3

Ask more questions on:!! Before I say goodbye to you all lovelies, please let me give you all my biggest warmest sweetest hug hug<3  Without you all, DearPostman wouldn't have existed.  It's always your support and kind words that encourage me when I am at my worst.  You are the reason why this place glow.

Once again, I cannot promise this place's gonna last forever, but as long as it exists, I promise I will present you all with our utmost utmost effort and love.  And this place will forever be a collection of sweetness, happiness and energy - NO bad vibes allowed here, alright?  Love xx

So thank you, thank you and thank you.
Looking forward to seeing you all the same time next year, alright?