It’s Monday again and I assume you are procrastinating while reading this Study Tips Part II.  For me, study is not only about how much readings you have done, how much research you have made, but about the survival through exam month without burning yourself out.  It’s about constantly being prepared, healthy and motivated.

Move on to Part II of my Study Tips - all about my Study Habits!


Always be prepared

Exams might be a one-month thing, but I make sure I am always prepared starting from the academic year.  I am not a person who can cramp everything to the last minute.  Some people can, I just cannot.  I prefer working throughout the year, a little a time, slowly build up knowledge from previous ones.

Work-Life Balance

I do occassionally stress out and it’s extremely normal.  My way to deal with that is to maintain my work-life balance.  I play hard while I work hard.  I know myself, I know I won’t be able to fully devote myself into revision unless I enjoyed enough.  Therefore I don’t refrain from having fun even during exam period, I go shopping, I watch TV, until I know I enjoy enough that I will now dive into revision whole-heartedly.  I’d rather be so focused on revision than revise and think about other things.

Yeh, friends around me would have known that I went karaoke during exam period, too.

Plan your timetable

That’s when you need a timetable.  Yes I play hard I work hard, but I never mix the two up.  I make sure I only do one thing at a time.  I love to mark everything down in my diary, plan my things-to-do a month or two ahead, keep my schedule full and colourful.  I pick a different colour for Work and Fun to make sure I know when to do what and whether I am having the right balance.  Navy for Work; Light blue for Fun; Pink for Date; Red for Deadline.

Back to my uni time, we did cycles of 2-weeks which means we did Week 1 and Week 2 and then Week 1 again, 4 cycles a term.  And every 2 weeks there would be a short break.  So I would always plan a short trip so that I could go away during the weekend and came back with full motivation again.

Stay strict with your timetable

Having a timetable is only the lock, staying strict with it is the key.  There’s no point having a timetable unless you know it and stay strict with it.  It’s okay to deviate a little sometimes because, well, you don’t feel like it that day, but try try try to stick with it.

Eat healthy

So I said, study is not only about how much revision you manage to do, but how well you survive through exam period.  Here I am telling you eating and eating properly are equally important.  First, eat - trust me the worst thing to do during exams is to not eat.  Never, never, never skip meals.  Second, eat properly, on time and the right food.  Eating is very important in terms of making sure you have enough energy while keeping stress away.

Food recommendation: Nuts - good for brain; Fruits - vitamin C to prevent getting sick; Meat - energy; McDonald - keep you happy.
Big NO: Too much coffee - caffeine might keep you awake, but too much caffeine will give you headaches, chest pain, irregular or fast heartbeat and uncontrollable muscle movements; Energy drinks - yes it helps you focus, but there are side effects; MSG - easy, bad for your brain.

Sleep well and sleep enough

I know a lot of midnight burner, but I can’t.  I have to sleep enough in order to memorize and fully digest things.  It happened to me that I stayed up and studied the whole night and turned out completely blank during exam.  I remembered nothing, seriously, and that was terrifying.  Also according to scientific findings, sleeping helps one memorize.  So always always get some sleep the night before exams, preferable 5 hours, but only 2 hours, go for it.

Work out

I find working out in the morning really useful in helping me focus and motivated the whole day.  I usually run for half an hour and spin for the other half, come back, have a nice warm shower.  Boom, for me, it’s the best way to start my morning.

Believe it or not, I panick for exams too.  I had once panicked a lot before my exam that I put my textbook under my pillow before I went to bed believing that would help me remember things.  But, of course, it did not and I failed.  I am telling you this because Study is not a short term exam month thing, i’s about maintaining the right lifestyle to keep one sustainable and motivated.  Hope this helps.

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