First of all,

Merry Christmas!

How’s everyone’s Christmas?!  How’s the partying so far?  For me, apart from the outfit itself, hair is the second most important thing on my list.  So here’s my Christmas present for all of you - the Secret to my Loose Curls.

No matter what hairstyle I do, a bun or tie up, I always start with my curling hair.  Not only does it add waves to the hair, it adds more volume and shine to my entire hair.  It makes styling way easier, especially when my hair is naturally super straight and flat, if you don’t know yet.


Without further ado, scroll down for my secret now!

To start with - my curler (right) from BaByliss Pro - Ceramic Dial A Heat 32mm Tong with 25 Heat Settings - Curler (BLACK)

A good curler is the key.  How to choose the right curler:

  1. Temperature - Does the whole barrel get hot enough equally to curl your hair.
  2. Size - Is it the right size barrel for the curls you want to create (smaller barrels mean tighter curls, looser barrels mean bigger curls)?
  3. Smart design - Is it easy to hold and use?  Does the cord tangle up when you curl your hair?
  4. Safety - Is it a high enough quality iron to last you a long time?

I personally do not prefer automatic hair curler because the curls created tend to be too uniform and “dead”.  It’s easy to use, good for beginners, just not quite enough if you are looking for loose and more bouncy curves.

Now that you have the right curler, here’s my 8 or 10 steps to create the cute curls!

1. Heat the curler up

Turn your heater up to 430°F and wait until it’s heated up.

2. Comb your hair

Combing your hair seems a little dumb when you are going to curl it later.  However, this step is important to smooth out your hair and remove all the tinny-tiny knots and tangles.  It also makes your Step 3 easier.


3. Divide into 2 strands, leave your fringe out

Divide your hair into 2 strands, tie one strand up on the side.


4. Put on a thin layer of hair lotion (not a must)

This step is not a must.  But if you would like the curl to stay tighter and hold longer, get one to two pumps hair lotion and comb it through your hair.

Hair lotion: Amika Curl Defining Cream


5. Curl the first strand forward, leave the fringe out

Coming to the real curling part, pick the closest strand from your face while you leave your fringe out.  Open the clamp, spread it a little bit onto the curling iron so that it can be heated equally.  Clip the middle part of the strand and rotate the wand forward* a good 360 degrees.  Your hair should now be fixed tightly in the clamp.  Slowly move your way down until you leave a tiny bit of hair at the end.  After it’s fixed (which I mean make sure your hair would not slip out of the clamp), start curling your hair forward* from the bottom and all the way up until the whole strand is wrapped around the curling wand.
Pull a little tighter for 5 sec before you loosen the clamp and release your hair.  See the perfect curl?

*When I say forward, it means rotate the curling iron towards the face and out along the clamp and not against it.  If you do it in the wrong way, you will see a bent mark, then you will know it’s the other way.


6. Curl the second strand backward

If you have made it through the first strand, congratulations, it’s one big step on the moon.  Now do the second strand of hair behind your first but, this time, the other way, backward*.

*When I say backward, it means rotate the curling iron outwards and back towards the face.  Again make sure it’s along the clamp and not against it.

See the two curled strands in different directions?  This way the two won’t merge together and become one.

7. One forward, another backward

One forward, another backward, until you are done with one side of your hair.

8. Repeat Steps 4 to 7 to the other side

This part can be a little tricky.  Start from Step 4.  When it comes to Step 5, forward means rotate the curling iron towards the face and out along the clamp and not against it.  

9. Curl the fringe backward

I am assuming your hair has now become strands of bouncy, cute curls.  Of course, it’s time for the fringe.  Again, clip the middle part of the hair and rotate the wand backward* once.  This time do NOT keep rotating.  Merely pull the wand back until your hair has come out of the clamp.  Now you should be able to see your fringe hanging to the back of your hair and is volumized.


10. Loosen up and put on another layer of hair lotion (not a must)

Depending on the curl you want, slightly loosen up the curls by running your fingers through your hair.  Put on another layer of hair lotion to the main curls so that the curl holds a little longer.



I know these all seem overwhelming and it definitely took me more than 30 youtube videos and 30 failed practice until I managed to handle the clamps.  It then took me another year to finally play with curls.  But trust me, once you master the skill, you would be able to curl it in 10min like I do.  It’s gonna worth the practice, I promise.


I hope this is gonna help you learn with less than 30 youtube videos.  Oh, if you want my youtube video on that, leave a comment below!

Also, found this really useful guide about choosing your most suitable hairdryer:

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Good Luck xx