I love Christmas, I absolutely do.  But to be completely honest, picking the unique and signature and non-mainstream and pretty, aka perfect, Christmas present can be pain in the ass.  Especially if it’s for your girlfriend/wife/mum AND women are complicated AND that you two have been together for a few years now AND you are picking your head 365 days a year because you run out of gift ideas.  I totally get that feeling.

If you are picking your head now, STOP and read.  Here you are the 2017 luxury Christmas gift guide for your special girl and "meaning" in case you don't know what to write in the Christmas card!

gift guide for her.jpg

1. Common Project white sneakers
The number 1 couple shoes brand to go.
Meaning: Shoes walk in pairs, will you too?
Similar one: Kenneth Cole


2. Luxury lingerie
Get her a set of luxury lingerie that reminds her how perfect she is inside out, and of course exclusively owned too.
Meaning: Exclusive to me.
Recommendation: Victoria Secret, By Jody Shafton

3. Perfume
Surprisingly, it is the smell rather than the face that always leaves an impression.  Get her the perfume you'd love to smell every day.
Meaning: You smell good.
Recommendation: Chanel Gabrielle, My Burberry, Cha Ling, Jo Malone


4. Tiffany & Co necklace
I just don't think any girl can resist the Tiffany blue jewellery box.
Meaning: This Christmas I give you my heart.

5. Christmas advent calendar
One item a day, isn't that the dream of a girl?
Meaning: I wish it makes you pretty even though you are already are in my eyes.
Recommendation: Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, Jo Malone, Diptyque

6. apmMonaco earrings
Earrings are the safest choice because (i) a girl never has enough earrings; (ii) they are all-seasons.
Meaning: Wear them every day as if I am with you every day.
Similar one: Pandora, Carat*London

APC171760 copy.jpg

7. Acne scarf
The number 1 winter present, so why not?
Meaning: Let me hug you even when I am not around.


8. Gucci cardholder
A tiny cardholder to fit in her tiny party clutch.  Put your photo in to add a twist.
Meaning: I notice that your wallet cannot fit your clutch.
Similar one: YSL

9. Jimmy Choo pumps
Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.  Why Jimmy Choo?  Because it makes sure your girl is the shiniest.
Meaning: Be my partner?
Similar one: Prada velvet pumps, Stuart Weitzman


 10. Wallet On Chain
90% of guys don't understand the small wallets on chain that can fit nothing more than a phone and 2 lipsticks.  Yeh, but I mean, your girl likes it, so... 
Meaning: I don't love your small bags but I know you do.
Recommendation: Gucci, Chloe

Guys - not your cup of tea, go read our 2016 Christmas Gift Guide.
Girls - saw your item on the list, send this link to your boyfriend.  Or if you are the one picking your head now, don’t worry because Gift Guide for HIM will be up this week too!

Good luck xx