I always always look forward to Saturdays and Wednesdays.  Why? – because those are my Pampering Days of the Week.  Very often when I come back from work after a long day, the thing I most anticipate is – of course – the soothing shower/bath me time.  No matter how late I get home, how busy I am, how lazy I feel, there's simply no reason for me to skip my two pampering sessions a week.  A decent pampering makes me feel extra clean, refreshes my mind, energises me, smoothens out all the dead skins on my body, and, hey, I smell extraordinarily sweet too.

Come on, follow DearPostman for my Pampering me-tips – something you do, not to please others, but to make yourself happy.
(Disclaimer: These are just my personal tips, nothing professional, may not be suitable for people with special skin types.)

1. Soothing, Hot Bath

First things first, start with a nice warm bath (with bubbles if you prefer).  Taking baths for the sake of #bathart is awesome, but the benefits of bathtime go beyond amazing visuals.  Bathing goes beyond getting clean and can benefit your mind and body in more ways than one, especially if you are drained from a day's hard work. 

Breathing in steamy air while you’re in the bath brings soothing relief in the form of gentle heat and moisture, which can put you comfortably on the road to recovery.  When the cool air hits your skin when you step out of your bath, your brain also releases melatonin, a hormone that can help you fall asleep even more easily.  Not only does it soothe your skin, it improves blood circulation and washes bad mood away.  For once, I think bubbles are invented to make people happy, and drunk, am I right?  Explore your closest Lush store – Are you down to a shoot for the stars night or may be the sex bomb?

*Tip* Time yourself!  Don't go beyond 20minutes.  Your body gets dehydrated if you stay in water too long.
Product recommendation: Lush bath bombsThe Body Shop British Rose Petal Soft Bath Foam, Diptyque Eau Rose Shower Foam


2. Shave and Scrub

As simple as it sounds – you shave and you scrub.  That is my tip to keep more skin smooth from body hair and dead skins.

*Tip* Resist from hard core scrubs.  Apparently you will open up your pores when after you shave, so if you use a scrub too hard for your pores, it will hurt it.  Get scrubs with small particles, you didn't come back from mud ponds!
Product recommendation: (Shaver) Venus Spa breeze razor; (Scrub) The Body Shop British rose exfoliating gel body scrub, Diptyque Smoothing Body Polish, Soap & Glory Flake away

3. Masks – Feet mask and Face mask

Yes, feet masks.  I have hair mask, face mask, hand mask, AND feet mask.  Nope, you cannot miss any of them.  Like any other masks, they soften your skin, pump it up with all the good stuff, keep it full and energised.  I always fall asleep during my mask time, that's how soothing it is.

Product recommendation: Holikaholika foot mask

4. Lotion! Lotion! Lotion!

Believe me,  it might seem the most cliché step, but most people either forget or just don’t care.  But NEVER EVER skip lotion (or body oil).  You can skip steps 1-3 above, but not the lotion!  Apply lotion gently when your skin is still moist.   Massage areas with warm palms until your skin fully absorbs the lotion.  That's the step that closes the pores you open previously, locks the moisture in and creates a protective layer around your skin.  Putting on lotion may seem unnecessary, but trust me, sexy smooth legs do not come in a day or two.  Melon rind legs or baby bum legs? – your choice.

Product recommendation: Diptyque Eau Rose Hand and Body Lotion, Johnson's baby Naturals Nourishing Lotion, NIVEA Intensive Moisture


5.  Take care of your ankle

Don't underestimate your ankles, especially if you are a fan of open back shoes.  They do not look nice with layers and layers of black dead skins and they are the details that tell what kind of person he/she is.  Polish dead skins away using the Scholl machine once a week.  Create a protection layer by putting on heel cream followed by the designated plastic cover every day.

Product recommendation: (Cream) Mentholated cracked heel creamScholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi

6. Tea of the Day + Me-time

I never end my day without a legit cup of tea.  Don't follow me if that gives you insomnia.  Tea just doesn't work on me.  Or, try camomile or lavender, they put people to bed.

Those are definitely my best hours of the day.  I love to cuddle in my silk PJ, take a sip of my tea, and brainstorm, feeling so clean and calm.  That's why I prefer bathing at night so that I don't have to rush.  Now I call it a day.


I am a big big fan of pampering.  I definitely see it as one of the most important must-dos.  Good skin definitely do not come by itself in a day or two, and small details do make a huge difference.  It's long-term dedication, patience and care.  So, start today before it's too late. 

As for my HAIR care procedures, find my previous detailed blog posts here for hair products, hair care procedures, hair care tips.
And FACE.  I experienced my worse breakouts in June and has recently finally recovered.  In order to test things out, I changed all my skincare products and procedures and it works.  Will put all the tips together in a post and share with you all later.

Feedback, experiences, best spa places, all welcomed in the comment box below.  And don't forget to share any good products with me too!