Instead of starting this blog post with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I think it's the best way is to head it with a


I have always thought birthdays are the time to feel people's love and care, gather them around, have some nice overnight chats and – most importantly – say thank you.  To be honest, my 21 and 22 year-old have been quite fluctuated, ups are big while downs are too.  I've been unstable emotionally and physically and I have to admit I am still not completely over from things that happened about 1.5(?) years ago.  From graduation from uni to settling back in HomeKong to PCLL to now working in such a lovely firm, 2016 and 2017 have seriously been a life-changing time of my life.

Yeh, having said that I am not fully recovered from past incidents, I am truly truly happy and grateful for my life right now.  I have always found myself extremely lucky, with life, school, work, relationships, and everything.  Yeh there are bumps and lumps, but I know I am really really lucky.  And that won't be it without you all.  No matter if you were at my birthday party or not, you all are extremely important people for me and I will always be grateful.  I can't imagine how I can make it through without you all beside me.  You, you, you and you.  I do not have a lot of friends and I may not be a good one.  I do not know what I have done to deserve you all in my life.  So thank you and I promise I will keep all your wishes close to my heart.


It's been a really happy birthday weekend for me and I hope whoever was there had enjoyed the day with me (oh, and the polka dot/patterns theme too).  Rather than a party for just me as a princess, I think it's more a chance for me to accommodate my friends and make them happy and not just for photos.  Alongside with everyone getting busier and busier, it's getting harder every year to gather so many people.  So...

Thank you for making time to come...
Thank you for coming despite the horrendous traffic...
Thank you for wearing polka dots even though you hate it...
Thank you for reaching out whenever I need you...

Thank you for thinking of me even though you cannot make it...

And most importantly,

Thank you for making my birthday wish come true.


Literally just came back from overtime work, it's been really really busy lately.  But I guess that's just how you turn 23.  I really am not someone good at explaining or expressing myself in this area of love.  Thank you for bearing with me and see you again next year.  All your kind blessings will forever be in Chloe's heart, you have my word.

Who said birthday wishes are not real?  Because mine have all come true.

Love you all xx