Hello, October.  Time really flies, can you believe it's October already?  I always love October, simply because it's my birthday month and it just feels like the beginning of all the year end activities, Christmas, parties, winter, New Year, you name it.  Usually this time of the year is a little less hot (?!) but like, summer seems a little reluctant to leave us now.  The good thing is blue skies are back more often now which makes going out quite nice, isn't it?  Before summer leaves us until next year, make sure you have a blast with the best summer looks!

Look 1 – Feeling floral

I am definitely a floral girl.  I love wearing something floral especially in the summer.  But most of the times I will prefer a chic floral rather than an over-pinkish-floral-girly look.  So this is my choice of a black clean floral jumpsuit – a bit of summer but still sleek and sassy.

Murua floral jumpsuit  / Bucket bag from Japan / Giordano Ladies black slides

Murua floral jumpsuit / Bucket bag from Japan / Giordano Ladies black slides


Look 2 – Casual denim

You know me, I love denim, and I am gonna make up any reason to wear denim.  Because it's summer, so I wear denim.  The good thing about denim is that it's all-season-appropriate, yet the bad thingabout it is that it's gonna look the same.  So what makes this look more summery is the top – I deliberately pair my denim split skirt with this green textured cami to give it a pint of summer breeze.  So what do you guys think?

StudioDoe green cami  / StudioDoe denim skirt / Mango earrings / Zara embroidery slides

StudioDoe green cami / StudioDoe denim skirt / Mango earrings / Zara embroidery slides


Look 3 – Lemonade date

It doesn't count if you haven’t worn something yellow this summer.  This summer is all about yellow, just look at Gigi Hadid the Fashion icon, no one's gonna blame you for wearing yellow from head to toe.  Quite the opposite, if you haven't tried anything yellow – of course you don't have to be completely yellow – you are the one missing out.  So this is me, for a lemonade date ready to go.


I have this love-hate relationship with Summer.  It's great for junks and beaches but I think I'm starting to miss the fur/leather weather.  So girls, let's catch the tail of the summer before it leaves us soon.

And before I say bye to you, I've been receiving emails about any study tips I have.  Right, some serious things.  Yes, I do have some methods (I prefer saying methods since my tips may not work for you) but one short para isn't gonna be enough to cover everything.  Therefore I will be doing one whole post on the topic with everything soon.

Hope you all enjoy the last bit of Summer.

Love xx