To all DSE fighters:

No matter if you are smiling or crying, celebrating or desperately looking for a plan B; or striving to get a place in uni, congratulations because you survive!  You may not get what you expected or what your hard work should deserve, but please spend a minute to just appreciate how far you guys have made.

In Denial.

I am not here to tell you how great my life is.  Neither am I here to just tell you “it’s okay, don’t be sad”.  Quite the opposite, I had been in that position, where I had no choice but to do something I didn’t think I like.  I didn’t only not like Law, I hated it.  The hatred used to be so strong that it fused with my denial and frustration and, at some point, choked me to suffocation and anorexia.  To make it worse, I distanced myself from the world, reminded myself how much I didn’t blend in, ended up pushing myself to the borderline of life.

Until one day, things changed.

There’s always a reason for things.

Until the day I started this blog, things changed.  I didn’t realise how much my language has improved from my Law essays until I started writing something I like.  I wouldn’t have that many things to share here if I haven’t gone through my 3-years uni life.  Yeh, you may not like the subject you ended up in the beginning, but it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it later.  People just tend to focus too much on their own denial and frustration and “original dream” that they are blinded from the side track gifts you have gained at the same time.  There’s always a reason for things, and that might be because you are meant to be.

Your “original dream” may be fading, but that may be because your “other dream” is blooming,

I grew all the way up dreaming to be an analysts.  So when I was forced into law, I thought my life was stuck with things I hate.  Never do I know that in fact opens up the door to my new dream of becoming a blogger / lawyer / fashion editor.  And, I love it.  I truly truly enjoy what I am doing and to be completely honest, I feel myself more a blogger than an analyst now.  I didn’t have a choice with Law, but I do have a choice to how I make law into something I actually like (aka. blogging).  So don’t drop your conclusion too soon, never shut the other windows simply because that is not your usual door.

Dreams are not dreams until you persevere.

Hong Kong is not a dream-killer.  Thinking that “I-can-never-make-it” is only an excuse for not working hard enough.  Dreams do not drop from the sky like rain, not in HK, not in the US or anywhere else in the world.  It’s in you.  You grow it, you raise it, you water it with what you are equipped with.  That’s when you combine what you have with what you want.

So don’t be frustrated.  It’s okay to be upset, but that’s only because your new dream needs a little more sweat and tears to grow.  I am not asking you to give up too soon, but never suppress new dreams that are blooming in you.

To end, a last congratulations to y'all survivors and good luck!