Thanks to all the feedback and questions you guys ask on!  Surprised and not surprised, rather than me myself, people seem to be more interested in my wardrobe and shoedrobe, where I buy my items, how I finance them and etc.  So for all of you, here comes the DearPostman Secret Shop Lists!
YAS, LISTS because I have quite a number of lists categorised by countries.  AND YASS, I do a lot of online shopping and honestly most of them - and I mean it - are from overseas online stores for a few reasons: (i) you don’t see the same item three times a day in town (I love Zara, but); (ii) they have better cuts and (iii) impulsive.   AND YASSS, which may surprise you, some of them are actually not as expensive as you would have expected.  My shopping goal has always been SHOP WISE - it doesn’t have to be pricey, but it has to look pricey; and honestly they don’t have to be pricey to look so.  It’s always the texture and cutting that determine the item and therefore are the areas I care the most.

My first Secret Shop List starts with TAIWAN!  The good things about their shops are the shipping is usually cheap with SF Express, good texture, love the design and most importantly I finally get to fit the right SIZE.  To be completely fair, I am 160cm, I am flat-chested, I have short legs.  So like I never get to fit items from US/Europe brands.  For pants I usually get them tailored.  But for tops that show a bit of your flesh, I just can’t buy them cause they don’t look good on me.  So here’s the good things about Taiwan brands, they fit your body so well.

#1 #Nude

If you have kept an eye with Taiwan boutiques, you probably are not surprised with this one.  Literally the first Taiwan online shop I have my eyes on and exactly the moment I first browsed their website, I was obsessed.  I was like yes, yes, yes this, and turned out putting a lot of them into my cart - and honestly I still do that now.  Minimalist design, clean cuts, basic colours and very very good texture - and that is also why it’s more on the pricey side.  But I promise the texture is excellent.

Instagram: @nude_tw

Photos credit: #Nude

Photos credit: #Nude

#2 StudioDoe

A side branch of #Nude - a more affordable line of it.  The founder and designer of the brand sources items elsewhere and updates them onto the website every month.  The moment you see the founder - a very pretty minimalist girl - you will be like “Yes, I see how the brand is so her”.  From blazers, to camis, to coats and jeans and even her, you can always feel that minimalism that comes within and through them.

Instagram: @studiodoe ; the founder @aaron77926


#3 Oui_jasmine

You probably would have said they do the same minimalism style.  I have to say yes, and I can only say Taiwan loves it(?)  So once again, some minimalism designs - minimal cutting and the cleanest colours.  The only thing is the items can be a lil oversized for me.  They are more affordable as well so if you are a beige fan, don’t miss it.

Instagram: @oui_jasmine1201

One last thing, what people concern the most is the size.  I always always get the smallest size.  If it fits, great.  If it doesn’t, I tailor it or I lose weight to squeeze my body in.  If it really really doesn’t fit, then the good thing about Taiwan online shops is most of them do returns.  If you find the above Taiwan shops so-so, or not your cup of tea, don’t worry!  It’s just part of the long lists of Taiwan shops and more will come in later volumes.

Hope it helps and inspires.  Hopefully more lists will be coming up soon so stay tuned with the DearPostman Secret Shop List! Don’t forget to visit DearPostman looks here and tell us if you have any secret online shop to recommend!